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Why Can’t Summer Be Forever? (standard:humor, 903 words)
Author: GodspenmanAdded: Jul 12 2015Views/Reads: 789/457Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Of all the seasons in the year, summer has to be my favorite. I am reminded of an uncle of mine who, when asked what his favorite piece of pie was, always said, “The one I’m eating at the time.”

Of all the seasons in the year, summer has to be my favorite. I am
reminded of an uncle of mine who, when asked what his favorite piece of 
pie was, always said, “The one I'm eating at the time.” 

Maybe I have something of my uncle in me, I do not know. I just know
that I love summer. It started back when I was a young boy and realized 
during summer I did not have to go to school. 

Another aspect of summer is that it is usually the time when people take
vacations. Although I am not big on vacations, I am not against them at 
all, particularly when it comes to my vacation. 

It was right after Christmas when the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage
approached me and said, “What are we going to do for vacation this 

I have been married long enough to know that that was simply a
rhetorical question. It was her way of introducing the subject she had 
already decided upon. 

Over the years, I have learned how to be a husband. It is too bad they
do not teach that in high school, but you have to learn it on your own. 
Most men never really learn how to be a husband. If I were not so lazy, 
I would write a book on How to Be a Successful Husband. However, I am 
too busy doing nothing. 

In response to my wife I said, “I don't know. What do you have in mind?”
Because, I knew she had something in mind and probably had it all 
planned out. I do not mind that, because it is less that I have to do. 
The only thing I have to do about the vacation is to come up with the 
“Cha Ching!” 

“I was thinking...” this is always the beginning of problems in my
direction. Whenever my wife gets to thinking, I know I am in trouble. 

“I was thinking, maybe it would be nice for us to go to St. Augustine
for a week this year. What do you think?” 

Well, I do not think she really wants to know what I actually think.
Nevertheless, I went along with her “thinking,” and told her what a 
great idea it was and I am all in. As far as I am concerned, a vacation 
is a vacation no matter where you go. I would rather go someplace where 
there is no stress and plenty of harmony, particularly in the motel 

That was in the beginning of January. For the next six months, I heard
little tidbits here and there about our, “wonderful vacation in St. 
Augustine.” I secretly smiled, knowing that all of the details were 
planned and prepared and I would not have to do anything. 

As far as I am concerned, vacation is the whole idea of “vacating.” The
thing I want to vacate is doing things. 

I knew exactly why St. Augustine was our destination for our vacation
this summer. The whole area is infested with “thrift shops.” I do not 
like to speak out of school, but someone in our house is addicted to 
thrift shops. I am not mentioning who, just that it is not me! 

The time came for us to go on our vacation and the beautiful thing about
it was, I did not even have to drive. My wife wanted to take her van 
because she had plans to visit every thrift shop in the county and 
bring her treasures back home. 

I sat back in the van and enjoyed the ride. 

We had a wonderful vacation and by that, I mean my wife visited every
thrift shop in the county at least once. 

Overall, it was a wonderful time of rest and relaxation. At least on my
part. I would get up in the morning and she had already gone to some 
thrift shop, which meant that I was on my own, which can be a dangerous 

My idea of a good vacation is getting in plenty of R&R (readin' and

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