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Is Confession Really Good for the Soul? (standard:humor, 900 words)
Author: GodspenmanAdded: Jun 05 2016Views/Reads: 624/311Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The experience of God’s wonderful forgiveness is based upon my confession.

I have a confession to make. My first confession, of course, is that I
do not always make confessions. Not that I don't have things to 
confess, but I am rather slow in owning up to what I am doing and 
confessing it. 

For example. When the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage says, “Who
forgot to put the milk back into the refrigerator?” I usually pretend I 
did not hear her and try avoiding any kind of confession. 

After all, why should I confess to something that she knows as true
already? I am not sure why she asked such questions; I only can think 
that she is trying to rub it in or something. I do confess that I do 
not confess as often as I should. 

Not that I don't believe in confessing. I talk about it all the time but
when it comes to me, I can always come up with a reasonable explanation 
of what I did or did not do. My philosophy is simply this; if you can 
explain your action why confess doing it? 

And so, I need to clear my soul and make a good confession. 

My wife and I agree on one level. Both of us leaned towards being
workaholics. She leans further than I do, I will confess. But I also 
suffer problems in the workaholic area. 

This is one reason why I do not really appreciate holidays for what they
really are. Taking a day off does not seem like a very good thing to 
do, from my perspective. I do not mind working 24/7. 

Isn't this the reason God gave us laptop computers? No matter where I
go, I can take my work with me. Hallelujah, and pass me another job to 

On our vacation, the wife spends all her time checking out the thrift
stores in the area. Believe me, that is a job in itself. I, on the 
other side of the vacation, usually stay in the room making 
conversation with my computer. There is always another article to do, 
another sermon to write, another chapter in a book to complete. 

Don't get me wrong here. I'm not complaining, mind you. I love always
having something to do. I love the fact that I am able to choose what I 
am going to be doing. I cannot imagine what it is like having somebody 
else telling me what to do. Oh yes, that's would be what a husband is 
all about. Let me just confess my error right here. 

Both my wife and I love the work we are doing and often do not even
consider it to be work. We just love what we are doing and we love the 
fact they were able to do it. 

But my confession! 

It was the last holiday and as usual, I went to my office right after
breakfast and began my daily work. For some reason the thought haunted 
me that this was a holiday and I was probably the only person in the 
world working. 

I shook off that silly thought and got back to work. 

I looked at my watch and it was 11 o'clock. One more hour and it would
be lunchtime. 

One more hour! 

Immediately I thought of how much I could accomplish in that one hour
and so I set my mind back into the work mode. 

I looked at my watch again and it was 11:05 AM. Fifty-five more minutes
and it would be lunchtime. 

Fifty-five more minutes! 

I am not quite sure what happened at the time but I began thinking some
rather strange thoughts. Like, who would care if I quit for an early 

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