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Go Ahead - Make Dad's Day (standard:humor, 904 words)
Author: GodspenmanAdded: Jun 12 2016Views/Reads: 613/386Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This year, my advice is, whatever it costs, go ahead and make dad's day. He deserves it.

Throughout the year, many days of celebration are tucked capriciously
into the calendar. So much so, it is hard to find any day of the year 
where something or someone is not being observed, which has benefited 
the greeting card company, you can be sure. I am not positive, but I 
think they have had a great deal to do with designating these days. 

Some days are celebrated a little more enthusiastically than others. The
Fourth of July has firecrackers; Halloween has funny and scary 
costumes, not to mention bags of candy; and Christmas boasts the 
Christmas tree and jolly old St. Nick with all his presents, and it is 
hard to compete with Christmas parties when it comes to celebrations. 

And we come to Mother's Day. According to experts, more telephone calls
are placed on Mother's Day than any other day of the year. Also, try to 
walk into a restaurant and get a seat on that certain Sunday. 

There is a theory, which I subscribe to personally, stating the reason
Father's Day is so lame is because so much has been spent on Mother's 
Day, there is nothing left. 

I think there should be a rule that says, whatever Mother's Day costs
fathers, mothers should spend on Father's Day. This would do one of two 
things; decrease Mother's Day or puff Father's Day spending. 
Personally, I am in favor of puffing. 

Perhaps with some effort, Father's Day could be a little more exciting.
I am not saying this just because I am a father. Well, maybe I am, but 
if I don't who will? 

Fathers in general are rather humble and hesitant to speak about
themselves. Contrary to popular opinion, every father knows talk is not 
cheap, and because he has spent so much on Mother's Day, he simply is 
practicing good manners and shuts up. 

However, every father needs to know he is truly appreciated by his
family. Although you cannot buy a father, it is possible to rent him on 

I am in favor of celebrating Father's Day "any which way you can." It
really does not matter to the father involved. Any father would 
consider his child a "million dollar baby" if he or she would just give 
a Father's Day card to him, along with a nice hot cup of coffee while 
sitting in his favorite chair reading the newspaper. Nothing the 
children did throughout the year would remain "unforgiven" if something 
this simple were done on Father's Day. 

As it stands, Father's Day is celebrated "every which way but loose,"
and I believe it is time this has stopped. Too many loose ends 
concerning Father's Day. It is a "true crime" the way certain things 
are left hanging concerning fathers. Some fathers have felt like "the 
dead pool" around Father's Day, not knowing exactly what to expect. 

Mother's Day is rather simple. Every mother knows that she will get
certain things; flowers, a Mother's Day card and dinner at her favorite 

By the time Father's Day comes around everybody is so exhausted from
Mother's Day, not to mention most fathers are broke, nobody knows 
exactly how to make dad's day special or, more importantly, who will 
finance it. 

Too many people are uptight about Father's Day and feel like they are
running "the gauntlet." When I say people, I am referring primarily to 
Yours Truly. Nobody seems to know what to do about good ole dad on his 
special day. 

Fortunately, I have some ideas along this line. 

With some of the presents I have received over the years, I am beginning
to think my children imagine me as a "space cowboy," or maybe a "high 
plains drifter" driving around in a "pink Cadillac" heading for "the 
bridges of Madison County." 

When it comes to being a father, I assure you I am not "the rookie"
walking on a "tightrope," directly "in the line of fire" running toward 

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