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How fast the shades of summer have faded (standard:humor, 909 words)
Author: GodspenmanAdded: Aug 28 2016Views/Reads: 661/353Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Time goes by so quickly that a person hardly has enough time to really appreciate the time that they have.

Am I getting old or his time passing faster than it used to? It seems I
just settle down to do something and before I know it, it is over. 

Back in “the day,” a minute had 60 seconds. An hour had 60 minutes. A
day had 24 hours. Oh, for those good old days. 

I am not exactly sure how many seconds a minute has or how many minutes
an hour has because he goes by so fast I cannot keep track. Technology 
has taken over and I for one object. 

For example, I like looking at my wristwatch and seeing the second hand
slowly tick around the dial. Now, we have cell phones with a digital 
clock. Unlike these digital clocks, all they tell me is what time it is 
right now. I like to look at a wristwatch and get a whole view of time: 
past, present and future. 

I know that a week does not have seven days anymore. 

I set out on Monday with high hopes of getting something accomplished
during the week and by the time I clear my throat, it is Friday 
afternoon. Where did all that time go? 

Years ago, the Beatles had a song called “Eight Days a Week.” Nowadays
it is more like three days a week: yesterday, today and tomorrow! 

Today is tomorrow's yesterday and I am not exactly sure how to keep up
anymore. By the time I get to tomorrow, I forgot what I was supposed to 
do today. Then, when I get to today, I cannot remember what I did 

I used to plan a whole week of activity, now that luxury is yesterday's
news, or is it tomorrow's headlines? 

I like summer, which may explain why it goes so fast. Maybe I should
take a chapter from Murphy's Law and say I do not like summer, then it 
would drag by a without end in sight. 

Interestingly, the thing I like to do the most goes by so quickly, that
which I hate doing drags on for centuries. Which has me thinking maybe 
I should not voice what I like or do not like? 

One thing I like about summer, when I can catch my breath and enjoy it,
is the fact that it is made up of those lazy, hazy days I enjoy so 
much. Not having a schedule, not having a deadline, not having anybody 
telling me what I should or should not do. Ah, those crazy, lazy days 
of summer. 

The fact that I did not get much done during the summer is no big deal.
If anybody asked me if I got anything accomplished, I just said, “Hey, 
it's summer. Relax. I will get to it eventually.” 

Well, eventually has caught up with me and it is called winter. 

The difference between summer and winter is that during the summer, you
can get away with doing nothing but in the winter, there is nothing you 
can get away with. 

During the summer my wife will ask me if I have done such and such and I
respond by saying, “It's summer, I'll get to it. I got plenty of time.” 

During the winter, my wife will remind me of all the things I was
supposed to do during the summer and that now I have to do because 
winter is a coming. 

Summer is hazy and lazy, while winter is “Hurry up and get it done.” 

More is expected from a person during the winter months that during the
summer. I object very strenuously to this kind of attitude. Of course, 
this attitude comes from the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage. She 
has the idea that winter, or at least the beginning of winter, is the 
time to clean up everything. By everything, she is including the 

Now that summer is over and the lawn does not need to be mowed anymore,

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