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The Merrification of Christmas (standard:humor, 905 words)
Author: GodspenmanAdded: Dec 11 2016Views/Reads: 671/311Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The key ingredient of “Merry” is rest and only Jesus can give the rest that creates a merry spirit.

One word defines Christmas. It is the word “merry.” I never tire of
wishing people a Merry Christmas. Although, for some, it may not be 
politically correct, but for the rest of us who have at least two gray 
cells working, it is wonderful. 

I was relaxing one afternoon this past week when the Gracious Mistress
of the Parsonage approached me with a request. It is very difficult for 
me to deny her request, even though it goes against my current energy 

“Would you,” she said so very sweetly, “go to the mall and pick up a
gift that I had ordered?” 

Being married to GMP for more years than I can remember, is very
difficult for me to say no. Actually, even when I do say no, someone on 
the other end of the conversation is not listening. 

I should be rather grateful, because of all of the husbands she has, I
am the only one she asks to do favors. Through the years, I have 
gathered that I must be her favorite husband. So, in a really grateful 
frame of mind, not to mention merry, I headed for the mall to get her 

I am not sure if there is another place in the whole world that I hate
worse than going to a shopping mall. If there is, I haven't got there 
yet. Every time I walk into a shopping mall, I get nervous because 
everybody is looking at me, especially at my wallet. Even my wallet 
shivers when we walk through the opening door. 

Just getting inside the shopping mall is a drain on my “merry” attitude.
I figured before I really get started I should grab a cup of coffee and 
go sit down in a lounge chair. 

There was a coffee shop in the mall and I got a $0.79 cup of coffee for
$7.90. I guess where you put the decimal is really important. 
Personally, I would have enjoyed a $0.79 cup of coffee more. 

I got my coffee, sat down in one of the lounge chairs, took a deep
breath, a nice gentle sip of hot coffee and started to relax. Christmas 
music was being played in the background, which contributed to my 
relaxing attitude. 

The mall was rather crowded, people were hurrying here and there, in the
background Merry Christmas music was being played and I thought I would 
just take the time and enjoy the moment. 

After I got through about half of my coffee, I happened to look around
carefully watching the people coming and going. There was such a rat 
race going on that I could hardly believe it. I looked around trying to 
find some Merry Christmas faces. Unfortunately, there was not any in 
the direction I was looking. 

“I hope they don't run out of this before I get there,” I heard someone

“I hope I have enough money to cover this,” someone else complained. 

“I hope I can get it in time to get to the party tonight,” complained
another person. 

I listen to all of this and was simply amazed. Where in the world was
this merry spirit that Christmas is most noted for? Everybody was 
hoping for something, but their hope did not seem too realistic from my 
point of view. 

At the merriest time of the year sitting in a place where people were
buying Christmas presents, it was very disconcerting to realize there 
were not that many merry people in the mall. Everyone seemed to be 
under some kind of pressure and aggravation. 

A thought began to jingle in my mind. What would it take for some people
to really experience a Merry Christmas? What would make them merry? 

Taking another sip of this expensive “Merry Christmas” coffee, I began
to think about life in general. Am I really living a merry life? Or, am 

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