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Is The Cup Half Empty or Half Full? (standard:humor, 906 words)
Author: GodspenmanAdded: Jan 01 2017Views/Reads: 691/363Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
In the midst of all your supposed confusion, sit back, take a deep breath and give thanks to God for his grace in accepting you as you are.

Many things in life have me in a tangle of confusion. I try to put on a
good face so that nobody knows how confused I am at the time. I think I 
get away with it, at least most of the time. 

The only person I cannot fool is the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage.
According to her evaluation, I am confused all the time. I would like 
to set her straight sometime, but I am really confused as to when would 
be the right time. 

If I do not pick the right time, my confusion will be accelerated to the
point of no return. 

There is one thing, despite my professional confusion, I have not been
able to understand. And it just bugs me to no end. Why are some things 
more confusing than others? 

There is a positive side to confusion. 

For example, someone is trying to explain to me something that is rather
boring I can say, “That's too confusing for me.” 

What that does is help the other person think that he's a lot better
than I am which is not a bad thing to get out of some boring situation 
at the time. Believe it or not, this is not too confusing for me. 

Another side of this would be, somebody wants me to explain something
and I am not really in the mood to do a lot of explaining, I say many 
confusing things and the person comes to the point where he says, 
“That's too confusing for me.” 

Winning is so wonderful. 

Not long ago, I overheard somebody say, “Is that cup half full or half

For some reason I just cannot get that out of my head and it has
confused me like nothing else in my life. 

If, for example, a cup is half-full is it not also half-empty? And, if
it is half-empty is it also half-full? 

I do not know if this is intentional confusion or if it is not supposed
to make any sense at all. 

I think “the half empty/half full” scenario is just for plain ordinary
fools. In my experience, I have never met a half fool. Either they are 
all fool or they are not a fool at all. Just when you think you met a 
half-fool, they spiral into a complete fool. There is a question 
whether any fool can be complete or not, but that is too confusing for 

Several times my wife will look at me and say, “Are you acting a fool?” 

I would like to set her straight sometime, but I am a little confused as
to be the right time. But I am not acting a fool. I have absolutely no 
skill in the thespian art of acting. Of course, when she addresses me 
with that question, I act like I am not a fool which I am not sure 
qualifies in the thespian arts category. 

The confusion here is, if I am not acting a fool, how can I act like I
am not a fool? What is the real difference here? Is there any 
difference at all? Oh, how confusing it all is. 

I am afraid that confusion runs very deep in my life. 

If I wanted to get out of the confusion syndrome, all I have to do is
approach my wife and say, “I don't understand this, could you explain 
it to me?” After that, I am too confused to really understand that I am 
confused about it at all. Thanks, of course, to my wife who is confused 
about nothing that I know. 

With her great skill in this area, she has helped me out of many a
confusing situations. 

Perhaps that is the primary difference between a husband and wife. The

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