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Where Do You Look When She’s Lost Her Voice? (standard:humor, 909 words)
Author: GodspenmanAdded: May 21 2017Views/Reads: 489/219Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Nothing is more wonderful than hearing the voice of the one you love.

It has been a quiet week at the parsonage. Far quieter than usual. I
cannot remember a time when it was quieter. If silence is golden, the 
week glowed with a yellow brilliance. 

Have you ever noticed when you lose something, it is always in the last
place you look? I could save a lot of time, not to mention energy, if I 
would look for that lost item in the last place first. 

Back to the sounds of silence in the parsonage. 

When the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage awoke from her beauty sleep
on Monday morning, she discovered sometime during the night she lost 
her voice. It was a strange sensation that bears repeating - often. 

At first, I thought I lost my hearing. I am not accustomed to starting
the day with such silence. I could see my Beloved's lips moving, but 
nothing reached my ears. 

I must confess that there have been times when I feigned not hearing
her, but this time I really could not hear a word she said. Immediately 
I plunged a finger in each ear to check for any foreign correspondent. 

My fingers reported nothing. I must admit that clean ears are a novelty
for me. God gave me such large ears attracting all sorts of stuff. 

My ears produce enough wax each week to take care of 17 Rolls Royces.
The strange thing was, I had just waxed my car the Saturday before. 

With nothing in my ears - or between them, for that matter - I could not
explain this sudden silence of my Little Lamb. 

I am the kind of person who tries to find good in everything. Some
circumstances severely try my efforts in this endeavor, but, believe it 
or not, I was able to find some good about this little incident in our 

The good news was my wife had lost her voice; the bad news, however, she
insisted that I look for it. 

Have you ever tried looking for something you hoped you would not find? 

Through the years, I have engaged in many things my heart was not
totally in full sympathy with. 

Such things as Christmas shopping with my wife at the mall; going to a
wedding reception for some family member; attending the Christmas play 
by first graders at the elementary school. 

All these activities are good in and of themselves; if only they would
merely keep themselves to themselves, it would not irate myself so 
much. As a dutiful husband and father, I bolster up both chins and go 

Being the considerate soul that I am, I submissively went through the
motions of looking for the lost voice. (I did have my fingers crossed.) 

My problem was: where do you begin looking for a lost voice? In my
lifetime, I have looked for many lost items. My car keys, my wallet 
(especially when the check at the restaurant is due), and my mind, 
which I have yet to find. 

However, where does a voice go when it turns up missing? 

I began my search under the sofa and found a set of car keys I lost
seven months ago and my checkbook that I looked everywhere for and 
finally had to close the account and start over again, but no voice. 

I spent a few moments meditating in the garage, but did not find or hear
the voice of my Beloved. 

I looked in the refrigerator - pausing for a small snack without fear of
remonstration from you know who. Of course, I may have been 
remonstrated, but I did not hear a thing. 

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