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Two In A Row Okay, But Three Is Suspicious (standard:humor, 907 words)
Author: GodspenmanAdded: Jun 11 2017Views/Reads: 469/251Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
I do not know the story behind the apple fritters, but I certainly rejoice in those apple fritters.

So that you know, I am not superstitious (knock on wood). I take a
rather practical approach to life and try my best not to get bent out 
of shape. At my age, it's rather difficult to keep my shape. I try to 
keep my guard up, but no matter what I do, I drop it. 

Tuesday I was engaged in a “project,” when the Gracious Mistress of the
Parsonage came and brought me an apple fritter. “I thought,” she said 
rather cheerfully, “that you could use an apple fritter.” 

I was most gracious for this apple fritter. Nothing raises your spirits
and encourages you to do your best like an apple fritter. I know my 
wife and I disagree as to the nature of these apple fritters so it 
surprised me that she brought one to me. 

My insistence is that an apple fritter is an apple and an apple is an
apple. She, on the other side of the breakfast table, insists that it 
is a doughnut. We have never resolved this difference in our 
relationship. When she brought me an apple fritter I was a little bit 
surprised, but was thinking deep in my heart it may be I have convinced 
her that an apple fritter in deed is a fruit. 

I smiled most graciously, thanked her and enjoyed the apple fritter like
I enjoy every apple fritter I eat. It was the highlight of my 
afternoon, I can tell you that. 

Nothing more was said about it because I do not like to spoil a good
thing. I just enjoyed it and went on thinking that perhaps we have come 
to a conclusion about this contradiction. 

Then Wednesday came around and in the middle of a project in the
afternoon, my wife came in and said, “Here, I thought you might enjoy 
an apple fritter for today.” 

Without thinking, I took it, smiled and thanked her most graciously for
this afternoon treat. Nothing bolsters my day more than a warm apple 
fritter. Nothing goes better with a cup of coffee than an apple 
fritter. I am quite convinced that in heaven we will enjoy apple 

With me, whenever I have an apple fritter in the afternoon, the day goes
by so smoothly. I enjoyed that apple fritter to the nth degree, 
whatever that may mean. 

I did not think much of it, because you should just enjoy your day and
whatever blessings come, like an apple fritter, just enjoy it to the 
best of your ability. 

Let me repeat that I am not a very superstitious person (knock on wood),
but I do like to take precautions. Once it is over, I like to move on. 

Then on Thursday, the inconceivable happened. 

“Here,” my wife said most cheerfully, “I thought you would enjoy an
apple fritter for the afternoon.” 

I did not know what to do or say. I put on a greasy smile, accepted the
apple fritter, nodded my head and said, “Thank you.” 

For her to bring me one apple fritter was a wonderful thing, and I
deeply appreciate it and did not give it too much thought. 

For her to bring me the second apple fritter was a little suspicious,
but I was not going to say anything or spoil the moment or discourage 
her in any way, so I accepted it. 

Now the third apple fritter, three days in a row, has made me more than
suspicious. I do not want to be judgmental here. I certainly don't want 
to do anything that would spoil the next apple fritter that might come. 
But I was suspicious. I mean, I was very suspicious about the whole 

For her to bring me three apple fritters in a row, knowing that she does
not like apple fritters, caused me to rethink the whole situation. Why, 
for example, was she doing this? What was she expecting from me in 
return? How much trouble am I really in now? 

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