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The Amazing Wonder of A.G.E. (standard:humor, 911 words)
Author: GodspenmanAdded: Jul 23 2017Views/Reads: 424/212Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
One of the great privileges in life is to earn that “grey head.” More important, to use that grey head in a positive, affirmative fashion.

I have just celebrated my recent birthday. By now, it is getting to be
old business for me. Just another day of the year to celebrate 
something, which just happens to be my birthday. 

I believe that if it is my birthday, I should be able to celebrate
whatever birthday I want to celebrate. You are only as old as you 

I am not embarrassed at how old I am, I just sometimes cannot remember
the exact figure. Some of my friends are rather legalistic along this 
line and are demanding the exact number of my birthday. Is it really 
that important? Does it really matter how old you are? 

Well, if you spoke to some of my friends it matters to them. For those
of us, however, who have experienced a succession of birthdays it does 
not really matter. 

Thinking of my birthday this past week I was trying to figure out what
was my best birthday. All of them had certain significance to them. For 
example, my 16th birthday allowed me to drive the car. However, I could 
only drive the car when my father said I could drive the car. 

My 21st birthday was very important because I then could get married.
Back then, you could not get married unless you were 21 years of age. 
Before that, you had to have your parent's permission. I have asked my 
parents for many things throughout the years, but I think asking to get 
married is just crossing the line somewhere. 

Every birthday starts a new year of adventure and excitement. When you
get older, adventure and excitement sort of goes away a little bit. It 
can be exciting to celebrate another birthday and wonder where you 
going to be at when your next birthday comes around. 

Some people feel it's a little negative to get older. If you do not get
older, it means that you have... Well, you know the rest of that 
sentence. I find nothing negative about getting older. I find certain 
amenities are associated with getting older that I could not cash in 
when I was younger. 

When I was younger, I could not get away with much of anything. Now that
I am older, I can get away with things because I have a few niches I 
can use. “I'm sorry,” I often say to the Gracious Mistress of the 
Parsonage, “I forgot all about that. You know I'm getting older now.” 

She smiles and shakes an understanding head. It is wonderful to have an
excuse for things of that nature. 

For my birthday this year, I discovered something rather interesting.
This year I discovered the amazing wonder of A.G.E. If you look at age 
from the proper perspective, you do get some very interesting 

I suppose I should explain to you what I mean by A.G.E. It never
occurred to me until this birthday celebration. A.G.E is simply 
Aggressive Grumpy Elegance. I never saw this before, but then of course 
I was not old enough to appreciate it. 

When I was young, I noticed my grandfather had some rather grumpy
sessions and I did not quite understand. Now that I am approaching my 
grandfather's age, I appreciate that grumpy attitude. Oh, the wonder of 
Aggressive Grumpy Elegance. 

If I ever thought youth was exciting, it is nothing compared to this
A.G.E. that I am experiencing right now. It is so wonderful to be 
grumpy whenever you choose. 

I know some people are grumpy because they are just grumpy. That has
nothing to do with this wonderful Aggressive Grumpy Elegance that I 
have discovered. 

It takes quite a few decades to master this kind of attitude. I am
delighted to say I have reached that stage in my life and I am 
mastering this part of Aggressive Grumpy Elegance. I just cannot say it 
often enough. 

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