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Normal Isn’t All It’s Cracked up to Be (standard:humor, 906 words)
Author: GodspenmanAdded: Sep 25 2017Views/Reads: 402/229Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Could it be that normal is what a person defines it to be?

“Well,” the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage sighed rather deeply,
“now that the hurricane is over I guess we can all get back to normal.” 
When she said “normal,” she looked at me and gave me one of “those 

I am very much confused when it comes to this idea of normal. What in
the world is normal? 

Often when we go out somewhere she says, “Please try to act normal

For me, normal is just the way I act. Furthermore, I am not acting. 

I have never given the subject of normal much thought. I just assumed
that is what I was, was normal and let it go at that. If I would pose 
such a question to my wife, I am sure I would catch a rather lengthy 
definition of what normal is. I can be sure her definition would in no 
way harmonize with my definition. 

I do not know if I am normal according to her, but I am normal according
to me. I just will not let this get out. 

Perhaps this is one of the great problems in our society today. Nobody
knows what normal really is. If I would meet normal on the street 
downtown, I am not sure I would recognize it. In addition, normal 
probably would not recognize me. 

For example, what is a normal lunch for a normal person? 

I believe a normal lunch would be the lunch that I would have on any
given day. I am not outstanding in anything. I do not have gifts, 
personality or anything of that nature. I am just normal when it comes 
to everything about me. 

Could it be that normal is what a person defines it to be? 

Just the other day I walked into my favorite restaurant, sat down at my
normal table and when the waitress came, I told her, “I'll have my 
normal lunch.” 

I have been going to this restaurant for a long time, so the waitress
did not have to ask me what I meant. She knew that normal for me was 
what I usually got for lunch. One time I decided to go in and order 
something different, but I just did not have the strength to do that. 
When she came to my table I blurted out, “I'll have the normal.” 

There is nothing wrong with normal. It is usually something we have done
before and so we are comfortable with it. Personally, I do not want to 
be anything more than normal. What advantage would that be for me to be 
abnormal? Moreover, what is the definition of abnormal? 

I am comfortable being my normal self. I am not competing with anybody.
I am not a person with multi-personalities and so I have to compete 
with myself. I am just a normal person with normal appetites and normal 
expectations of life. 

I never gave it so much thought before, but perhaps the reason my wife
has this thing about “normal,” is that she does not know if she really 
married a normal person. I would like to sit her down and explain to 
her that I am as normal as I am ever going to be. But, you know the 
outcome of that kind of a thing. 

My aspirations in life are to be normal and to be accepted as a normal
person. I never want to pretend to be something that I am not. 

I took a trip to Ecuador once and discovered that they certainly are not
normal in my definition of normal. For example, all of the children 
spoke Spanish, even the little children that could not read. To them 
that was normal, but to me that was rather confusing. How normal is 

Normal means I speak English. 

That brings me to the point that being normal may be different for other
people. I do not know, but perhaps when those Spanish-speaking children 

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