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A Bug on the Plate Is Worth How Much? (standard:humor, 909 words)
Author: GodspenmanAdded: Feb 11 2018Views/Reads: 460/252Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Sometimes God allows things to happen to see if we really have joy in our hearts. I must confess that at this luncheon I did have joy in my heart.

Did you ever have a smile on your face that no matter what you did you
could not wipe it off? 

Well, that is quite a regular occurrence with me. But this past week was
a “smile-on-the-face” to beat all “smiles-on-the-face.” My only regret 
is that I did not do a Selfie. 

It all began in the morning when I suggested that we go out for lunch
for a pre-Valentine's Day celebration. Sometimes with our schedule we 
cannot celebrate a celebration on that celebration day. 

Of course, the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage responded in the

“You,” she said rather sarcastically, “will be picking up the check?” 

“It's the least,” I said in response, “I can do for your Valentine's Day

Smilingly she said, “It sure is the least thing you could do.” 

We chuckled simultaneously, which is something we rarely do, but this
was a special occasion. 

As a culinary whiz, my wife has served me some of the most delightful
meals on the globe. No question about it. 

So, going out for lunch at a nearby restaurant was a blessing to her,
but not quite the blessing to me. Until this luncheon. 

The host of the restaurant took us to our table and we sat down to begin
our luncheon activity. At this point, everything was going fine. 

The waitress took our order and we set back to relax waiting for our
meal to arrive. We filled the time with chitchat of which my wife is an 
excellent chit-chatter. I, on the other hand, am a great chitchat 
listener. In this regard, we make an excellent team. 

The fun was just about to begin. If I knew how much fun was going to
take place, I could have prepared myself a little better. But, you 
never know what's going to take place. 

Within a few moments, the waitress brought our order. 

We both had hamburgers. I had fries with mine while she ordered a plate
of vegetables. 

The thing I hate about going to a restaurant like this is that I have to
pay for the vegetables. I know vegetables are good for you, but do I 
have to eat them all the time? 

We said our prayer over the food and then commenced eating. Looking back
on the situation, I do not think my prayer was sufficient for the 
situation at hand. 

My wife always orders her hamburger medium-well. I like mine cooked all
the way through. No pink allowed in my burger. 

As my wife cut her hamburger in two, that's the way she likes to eat it,
when all of a sudden red liquid leaked all over her plate. 

“Oh, my goodness,” she exclaimed, “what is this pink stuff?” 

I thought I knew what that pink stuff was, but I was not going to
mention it in her presence. 

When she pulled both halves apart, both sides were red and oozing pink
juice. I could tell immediately that the hamburger was not cooked all 
the way through. I could have mentioned it to her, but I know better 
than to jump in where I don't belong. 

She called the waitress over and showed her that her hamburger was not
cooked. The waitress immediately apologized, took the hamburger, went 
and got her another one and this time it was cooked all the way through 
just like she likes it. 

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