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My Somber Longing for Summer (standard:humor, 904 words)
Author: GodspenmanAdded: Apr 15 2018Views/Reads: 732/435Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
I must honestly confess I don’t know how good I have it until I don’t have it so good.

My favorite time of the year is summer and I don't care what the
Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage says. Summer is what I live for 
especially here in Florida. 

As soon as Fall arrives in full steam I am looking forward to summer
with uncontrollable anticipation. 

One thing that attracts me to summer has to do with the weather. 

I don't like cold because I'm growing too old now to shiver properly.
When it is cold and I am supposed to be shivering, I don't have the 
energy. I admit that I don't have the energy I had a few years back. 
Let's not talk about how many years back. Shivering now is really not 
part of my exercise program. 

I think God created winter for someone like me to appreciate summer. I
have had enough winter now so that I can appreciate summer for the rest 
of my life. I wonder if heaven is going to be like summer? 

Another thing I don't like about being cold is having to wear sweaters
and sometimes coats and hats and mittens. When it's really cold outside 
by the time I get dressed to go outside I'm either too tired to go 
outside or I can't remember why I wanted to go outside in the first 

It takes me “forever” to get dressed for cold weather. 

Another thing about being cold is my brain doesn't function 100%. When
it is cold, parts of my brain have to be used to deal with the cold 
weather on my body. Don't ask me how that works, I just know it works. 

I have a brain and I take care of my brain and feed my brain so I can
use my brain for my things and not for things like the weather! 

What I like about summer is that it is hot. I love hot, contrary to the
Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage. Don't let this get around, but she 
doesn't like when the weather is hot outside. She complains and 
complains about how hot it is outside. 

I remember one time she was complaining about how hot it was outside and
I was sitting there smiling. I try not to let a smile break out on my 
face when she is complaining about something. This time, the smile 
broke out on my face and I could not control it. 

“What are you,” she said rather snarly, “smiling about now?” 

It's situations like this that usually get me into trouble. If I answer,
I'm in trouble. If I don't answer, I'm in trouble. What's a husband to 

But right now it's not summer and so I'm not in my “happy faze.” I have
a rule, when the temperature drops below my age it's too cold for me. 

As I was sitting there frowning and muttering to myself, my wife said,
“So, what are you complaining about?” 

Unfortunately, I was not thinking, which is the usual course for me, and
I answered her question. 

“I'm just not happy,” I said with a grimace all over my face, “about all
this cold weather. I can't wait for summer to get here.” 

Of course, that did not set very well with her. She's from the state of
New York and winter is her best time of the year. She likes snow, which 
of course doesn't happen here in Florida, for which I'm thankful. She 
loves the cold weather and revels in it and there are times, don't let 
this get around, that she rubs it in my face. 

As of late the weather here has been to her liking. And she's been happy
and going around the house singing while I'm sitting in my chair 
grimacing. If ever anybody can grimace, it is me. I've had a lot of 
practice at it. 

According to her, fall and winter are the greatest months of the year.
And she's not short in telling me this to my face. 

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