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Dealing with Tuesday, the Worst Day of the Week (standard:humor, 914 words)
Author: GodspenmanAdded: May 06 2018Views/Reads: 707/444Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The weekend cannot come soon enough for me!

The worst day of the week for me is Monday. That means that I'm starting
a new week and usually I have to start from scratch. All the things 
around me that annoy me, make me itchy and I have to scratch. 

I cannot wait until the weekend gets here. It is the weekend where I can
enjoy myself the most. 

I know on Sunday, the best day of the week for me, I enjoy
fellowshipping with other believers and preaching the word of God. I do 
not claim to be the best preacher in the world, I just love preaching. 
When Sunday comes around, I have an opportunity to preach. 

The rest of the week, however, is really a drag. 

It was Tuesday morning and I was a little down, drinking my coffee
rather slowly and the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage looked at me 
and said quite sternly, “What's wrong with you?” 

It is a simple question and deserves a simple answer. From my point of
view, it's not really that simple. 

Tuesday is not really Monday, which is a little better. However, Tuesday
is not Wednesday either. Tuesday is a very slow day in my week and, do 
not quote me here, but I think there are at least 30 hours on Tuesday. 
At least 30. Probably more. 

No matter what I do on Tuesday, it has nothing whatsoever to do with
getting me to the weekend. Not only is this the slowest day of the 
week, but it is the least productive. 

If I do not do very much on Monday, I can always blame the fact that
it's Monday and I am just getting started. Tuesday I can't say that. 
Monday should prepare me for Tuesday and Tuesday should be the most 
productive day of my week. Either, I'm not using Monday as I should or, 
Tuesday is just a bad day for me. 

I still did not know how to answer my wife. I was so gloomy that I
really did not have any way to explain why I was so gloomy. 

“Why,” my wife said, “Tuesday is my favorite day of the week.” 

I just looked at her in my gloomy attire, grunted and couldn't say
anything to her. 

“I can get more done on Tuesday than any day of the week,” she boasted. 

I do admit she gets a lot done on Tuesday, but that has nothing
whatsoever to do with me. She is the most talented multitasker I have 
ever known. She can handle up to a dozen projects simultaneously. Get 
her going, and she does not know how to stop. 

If I had her talent, I could conquer the world. However, after all, it's
only Tuesday and I was a little gloomy. 

On Monday, I can say I worked hard over the weekend and deserve to take
a little bit of a rest. Nobody would worry about that not even my wife. 

But Tuesday? There is no excuse I have ever made that justifies not
doing something on a Tuesday, I know because I have tried everyone on 
my wife. 

Tuesday is the dead point in my week. On Monday, for example, I can
relax and just think about what I did over the weekend and how my 
sermon went. 

I cannot do that on a Tuesday. The weekend is already over and the next
weekend is far down the road. I can sit in my chair, sigh deeply and 
think about how soon the weekend will get here. 

It could be that as you get older your brain does not function as much
as it did when you were younger. I wonder if that is a good excuse? 

“Oh,” I could say to my wife, “I'm getting older now and my brain
doesn't function as it once did. I got to slow down a little bit.” 

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