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A Life Altering Discovery: Mothers Are Not Fathers (standard:humor, 901 words)
Author: GodspenmanAdded: May 14 2018Views/Reads: 714/456Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Mothers may not be fathers but they are exactly what God ordered.

Celebrating another "Mother's Day,” gave opportunity to reflect on the
influence and importance of mothers in our society today. I think for 
the most part mothers get a bad rap these days, or at least they don't 
get the kind of appreciation they truly deserve, and they sure don't 
get the pay-package they earn. Of course, if they did nobody could 
afford a mother. 

Sometimes it's great to remember the personal influence a person's
mother has had on them throughout the years. It was Abraham Lincoln who 
said, "All I am or ever hope to be I owe to my mother." Perhaps he said 
this in lieu of a Mother's Day card. Why didn't I think of that? 

Because of the way God has designed things, a person's mother is the
first relationship he or she has in life. If it is a good relationship, 
it will have a positive influence throughout a person's lifetime. 

Of course, there are those who have never known their mother. Perhaps
she died in childbirth or maybe a few days or months after giving 
birth. The cause is not important, the real importance is the fact that 
a person never really gets to know his or her mother. 

Even for us who have had mothers in our lives, it is often difficult to
say we knew our mothers. Because nothing in all of God's creation is 
quite like a mother. All I know is, they start out as women, which may 
explain a lot. 

From my youth I recognized a big difference between my mother and my
father. I could never really put my finger on it until years after I 
left home. Looking back over my life and appreciating some of her 
influences in my life, I began to understand some things about my 

The most astounding thing I discovered about my mother is that mothers
are not fathers. 

I know this may come as a shock to many people; it came as a terrific
shock to me. I'm not sure I have gotten over it yet. I knew there was a 
difference somewhere, but I really could not put my finger on it until 
I made this awesome discovery. 

Once the shock of this truth waned, I gave this some thought and came up
with a few comparisons that helped me understand the difference. 

For example, I remember my mother always having a funny smell about her
not quite like the good earthy aroma my father had. My mother always 
went to great pains so she would smell "pretty." I never did like 
perfume. It made my nose burn. I remember liking the smell of my 
father. It was just more natural. And some days it was more natural 
than other days. 

As I think of my mother, I remember she was highly allergic to dirt,
while my father was quite at home with it. Whenever I would come into 
the house with dirt from head to toe, my mother would go into some kind 
of hysterical fit wanting me to take off all my clothes and get in the 
tub right away, and sometimes, it was not even Saturday night. 

Father, on the other hand, seemed happier when he was the dirtiest. Dirt
never seemed to bother him. Grease spots or grass stains never offended 
him at all. But all of this offended my mother. 

With a “holier-than-thou” air she would always say, "Cleanliness is next
to godliness." 

I've often thought to myself, if God did not like dirt why did he make
so much of it? And, why was it so much fun to play in? 

Another thing I noticed about my mother was that she didn't know how to
play catch in the backyard with her children. When she tried, she 
always threw like a girl. Father, on the other hand, caught everything, 
especially flak from mother. He caught everything she could throw, even 
a fit or two. 

My mother was always laying down the law while father just lay down. I
think my mother had some kind of nervous problem because she never 
could sit still long enough to really relax. Dad, could relax just 

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