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Why Cyrano is like the Pied Piper of Nicestories (standard:humor, 418 words)
Author: kathryn gabrielleAdded: Jun 09 2018Views/Reads: 795/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
He sure is a character and he writes in sarcastic skips and whistles! When you see him coming, cross the street quickly or you shall feel the arrows and slings of his wierd take on life.

Cyrano aka (the pied piper of nicestories) rode into town around the
time Prince was singing 1999. He had a certain charm about him, a 
wandering spirit of glee, of who cares, but the thing is, people ate 
this up. Especially his stories about women. He loves women. Even ugly 
ones. But just loves writing about them. So much so that he has them 
following him around town throwing roses at his feet. Yes, he dreams 
alot, walking along that beach. No idea what beach. Just a beach 
somewhere on Earth, I imagine. I can't help feeling so jealous of that 
guy. He might be bullshitting us all but damn, he is so good at it. He 
is like the kid licking a popsicle in July and he won't share it, but 
man, he loves to tease!  His favorite composite of himself is Lothario, 
but I doubt anyone on Earth can measure up to that! Even my dog laughs 
at that joke. He is still laughing! 

Cyrano aka(the pied piper of Nicestories) writes about Scotland but
lives somewhere else on the planet. Maybe even in the middle of the 
planet. I know if any woman went on a date with him, they would 
probably slap his face. That's because You would pay for the popcorn. 
The line of excuses would be long. I left my wallet on Mars? I left my 
soul in Hades. I forgot who you are. I don't use cash anymore. I am a 
total cad. I love myself too much to pay for you. I have to rush home 
to write more erotica. I have 8 wives and they are mad at me. Any 
excuse to get out of paying the bill. 

It is such a good life when you can write and lie at the same time. He
should be in the circus! He is colorful and charming and a total 
chameleon of words. He is a successful writer and capitalist. He can 
make a dollar out of a nickle. He can turn a word into a book by pure 
exaggeration. What a concept! 

The crowds of admirers throw popsicles and roses at his feet. He takes a
bow and snickers...Boy are these suckers in for a surpise. 

I don't know jack shit...but they think I do! 

That's why I can make them laugh, cry, sing, swoon and run off a cliff
for me. I am anonymously loved by the world. I am Cyrano! The Pied 
Piper of Nicestories! 

Love to all....Mr. Nobody...:)


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