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I Think I Now Know How Noah Felt (standard:humor, 911 words)
Author: GodspenmanAdded: Jul 29 2018Views/Reads: 674/430Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The best things in my life are those that are beyond my control where I can begin to see God at work in that situation.

Looking out the living room window the Gracious Mistress of the
Parsonage sighed very deeply and said, “When will this stinking rain 

I chuckled to myself very carefully not to let it come up to the surface
of my face to let on to anybody in the room. 

She turned around and said to me, “I am just about done with all this

With a fake grimace on my face I said, “I don't know, but I'm done with
it too.” 

I had to walk away at that point because I could not control the
chuckles that were rising to the level of my face. 

When I got some control of my emotions I thought to myself, this must be
how Noah felt. Whenever it rains as it has been doing lately, I usually 
think of Noah. Only this time I was thinking of Noah's wife. 

Listening to my wife talk about the rain, I could not help but think
maybe this is exactly what Noah's wife was saying to him. 

“Noah,” his wife said, “when will this stinking rain stop?” Then I can
imagine her saying, “I can handle one day of rain or maybe two, but 
this is getting to be ridiculous.” 

After all, Noah's wife was just like anybody else's wife especially the
Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage. 

Knowing my wife like I do, I know she likes to be in control. From the
moment she gets up in the morning until she goes to bed at night, she 
likes to be in control. When something is going on that she cannot 
control, then we have a different situation. 

Could that be said of Noah's wife? This rain was coming down day after
day after day for 40 days and 40 nights. Nothing had ever happened like 
that before. I believe Noah's wife was a little frustrated with the 
fact that she was not in control with the rain. 

My wife gets up every morning with a large list of things she wants to
accomplish during the day. I need to be careful because sometimes she 
has one of her “Honey-Do-Lists” for you know who. She is very 
productive in her day and she hardly sits down to rest. She is 
proactive all day long. 

When she decides to do something, she does it no matter what. 

Now, for the last several weeks it has been raining just about every
day. She enjoys yard work and even mowing. Now with the rain, it has 
disrupted her schedule. 

The fact that she cannot control the rain carries with it a little
hidden giggle inside of me. She takes pride in planning her day and 
fulfilling her plan to the letter. She is in control of everything. 

Everything, that is, except the rain. I know the rain is playing with

Several times, especially this past week, the morning started out bright
and sunny with barely a cloud in the air. When my wife saw that, she 
was very excited. 

“Finally,” she said almost hysterically, “I can do some mowing.” 

With that, she was laughing and very excited and prepared to go out to
do some mowing. 

I think there was a cloud hidden somewhere watching for her because as
soon as she got outside and got the mower running the rain started to 

With a great deal of haste she put the mower away and come inside to dry

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