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Hallelujah, It IS a Scam (standard:humor, 907 words)
Author: GodspenmanAdded: Aug 12 2018Views/Reads: 645/389Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
When I put God first in my life I can be assured that He will direct my paths in the right direction.

I know I am not the sharpest pencil in the drawer, or the brightest bulb
on the porch, and a few bricks shy of a load. However, my philosophy is 
simple, if you know what you are not, then you can soon figure out what 
you really are. 

If somebody can't con me, they can't con anybody. I admit that I am
naïve about many things. A Girl Scout needs only smile, wink her brown 
eyes at me and I will buy all the cookies she has. 

My problem is, I have a hard time believing anyone would lie to me. Why
would someone lie in the first place? What does lying get you? 

An incident happened this past week that sucked me into that whirlpool
of naivety. 

I received an email from somebody who wanted to give me a lot of money.
It seems this woman was recently widowed and her husband was very 
wealthy and she wanted to give money to some charity. Would I be 
interested in receiving money? 

Well, when it comes to money you do have my interest. 

Immediately I printed this email out and brought it to show the Gracious
Mistress of the Parsonage. Now, if anybody can con her, they can con 
everybody. She can spot a lie three generations back. 

She read the email and then looked at me with one of those “stares” and
said, “You do know that this is a scam?” 

“But,” I said rather hesitatingly, “what if it isn't a scam? What if
it's real? What have I got to lose?” 

“You mean,” she said rather sarcastically, “besides your mind?” 

It was at that moment I had an overwhelming urge to prove finally that
she did not know everything. When I follow through with this and get 
all that money in our bank, I will have a laughing party heard around 
the world at her expense. 

I decided to see if maybe this was legitimate. So, I emailed them back
and said I was interested in their money for our charity and explained 
a little bit about our charity. 

Very soon, I got an email back congratulating me on a wise decision. 

I sat back and grinned to myself; at least somebody appreciates my

Then I received an email saying I needed to send them some information,
so I immediately sent it. 

All the while, I'm thinking of how I'm going to rub this in someone's
face for a very long time. After all, the amount of money they were 
talking about was $4.7 million. I started thinking about what I could 
do with all that money. 

It is amazing what happens when a person starts thinking about all the
money he is going to get. Then the thoughts go to “things.” Things that 
I cannot afford right now. I tried to think of all of the things that I 
would buy as soon as I got this money. I got some paper and a pen and 
started to make a list. 

I ran into a little problem here. I could not think of anything I wanted
that I did not already have. I don't have a long list of things I want. 
I like books, pens and pocketknives. Of course, I could buy my own 
Apple fritter bakery. That would be a good option. 

For a couple days, I shot emails back and forth with this company that
happened to be in Nigeria, Africa. I have some wonderful friends there 
so I was not even thinking on the negative side of this transaction. 

Of course, being a pastor, I would donate some of that money to my
church. Then I got thinking about what we could do in the church with 
that kind of money. How many people could we bless and encourage with 
the programs we could do with that kind of money? 

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