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Slow Is Just the Way I Go (standard:humor, 907 words)
Author: GodspenmanAdded: Sep 09 2018Views/Reads: 371/189Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Of course, the key here is not waiting, but who you are waiting on. I like to procrastinate until I really know what God wants me to do. Sometimes it takes longer than I figured, but when I wait, I am never disappointed.

One of the main complaints in the Parsonage has to do with my
procrastination. The Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage often refers to 
me as, Sir Procrastinator, as if it was a bad thing. 

Anything that needs doing in our house, my wife is the first one to jump
up and try to do it. She fixes things before they are even broken. How 
she does that, I will never know. It is a wife thing. 

I, on the other hand, am slower than a politician trying to explain him
or herself. For some reason, I was born in no hurry and that has been 
my motto all of my life. I am really not in a hurry for anything. 

I take my time, relax whenever possible and just do not get excited
about anything. I have found out that when I get excited about 
something and want to go fast forward, I always get into trouble. 
Trouble has become my middle name in this regard. 

As a child, my parents wanted me to speed up and get things done
quickly. I never could figure out why. Very few things need to be done 
in a speedy order. 

I just do not have the energy, these days, to hurry up and get something

Last year, for example, the doctor gave me a little package to take home
that I was supposed to put in a personal “sample” and send to the 
company. Certainly, I meant to do it as soon as I got home. But I took 
the slow way home, stopped and got a delicious banana split. I can only 
get these banana splits when I am driving by myself, for the other 
companion in our home has strict laws about such “nonsense,” as she 
calls it. 

I actually enjoyed my “nonsense” very much. 

When I got home, however, I had forgotten about the box in which I was
supposed to put in my “sample” and send to the company. I put it 
somewhere and I just forgot about it. 

“When,” my wife said, “are you going to take care of that and send it

I almost said, “When pigs fly.” But because I was slow in getting that
phrase out, it never got out. Of course, I am so glad I was slow in 
that regard. 

Sometimes being slow has its rewards. Some people say being fast has its
rewards. I would not know about that personally. 

Several months went by. “Did you send that package in?” 

“What package?” I said. 

Then she reminded me of that package and that I had to send in my
“sample” for the doctor had ordered it. 

Doctors! What do they really know? After all, they are only “practicing”
medicine. When they get it to perfection, then maybe I'll believe them. 

Several mornings when I would get up, I would hear the question, “Are
you going to take care of what you're supposed to do?” 

I really meant to do it, but procrastination is the name of the game I
play. I do not mean to play it that way, it just happens. 

And it is not that I do not have a good memory. I do have a good memory
in fact, I have locked several sections of my memory to save for when I 
get old. I will use that memory when I need it. 

“You know,” argued my wife, “you're not doing yourself any favors by
putting this off. Why don't you do it today?” 

Finally, and I am not sure what motivated me to do it, but I did do the
process and got my “sample” and mailed it to the company. 

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