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Financial Tip Of The Week: Pay Attention (standard:humor, 916 words)
Author: GodspenmanAdded: Sep 23 2018Views/Reads: 268/108Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
It is not so much what you hear that pays dividends in life, but what you do.

Enjoying a casual evening at home, reclining in my favorite easy chair
reading, while the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage was chatting on 
the telephone. I seldom pay attention to phone conversations. After 
all, I only get one side of the conversation, which may be misleading 
at the very best. I've been caught in that trap before with some pretty 
dire consequences. I am not going to get caught again, if I can help 

Then an odd phrase caught my attention: “plastic surgery.” My ears
perked up and I heard my wife say, “I certainly agree with that article 
and I'm going to do some plastic surgery myself.” 

Well, you can imagine what thoughts were racing through my head. When
she hung up the telephone, I queried her about it. 

In my book, plastic surgery is a big step. 

“You do support me in this plastic surgery plan, don't you?” 

There are times to disagree with your spouse, but as a husband for over
45 years, I have never discovered that time. Forcing a smile, I nodded 
in the affirmative and told her she had my full support in whatever she 

I had to admit that the “time” had finally come to our humble abode. Who
am I to fight it? I go by this motto, “He who smiles and agrees with 
his spouse lives to smile another day.” 

I plan to smile until the day I die. 

I never really thought about plastic surgery, but perhaps my wife was
right. Perhaps she could use a little face-lift. For me to get a 
face-lift, the surgeon would need a huge construction crane. Then comes 
the awkward part, what do they do with my face after it was lifted? 

Women, more than men, are a little sensitive about their appearance. For
a man, “appearance” means he showed up. A woman has an altogether 
different approach to the term “appearance.” 

Some women look in the mirror and see where some improvements could be
made. For example, they see bags under their eyes that could not get 
through the airport carry-on luggage size requirement. 

Then there is the problem with their nose, which could stand a little
tweaking. For all practical purposes, one of those double chins has to 
go. Moreover, what woman couldn't use a tummy tuck and other snippings 
of the flesh? 

Believe me; I never would have brought it up, but if that makes my wife
happy, then whatever it costs, we can put it on a credit card. The only 
problem with putting something like this on a credit card is that by 
the time you pay it off you need another procedure. 

But, she is worth it in my checkbook. I have no compunction whatsoever
of writing out that check. 

Each day I checked the appointment calendar hanging on our refrigerator
to find out when she would be going in for the surgery. Day after day, 
I looked, but could never find any appointment. 

I supposed she was a little sensitive about the whole thing and did not
want it staring at her day after day on the appointment calendar. 
Whatever the reason, she had my silent support, for all it was worth. I 
am sure she would do the same for me. That is what marriage is all 
about. Supporting one another in the developments of life, whatever 
that development might be. 

I decided to tuck this little bit in the back of my mind and, however it
developed would be all right with me. 

One day this week, I went to the Slurp N' Burp Café for a quiet lunch.
The issue was far from my mind as I enjoyed a delicious lunch. As I 
finished my last cup of coffee, the waitress brought my bill and I 
pulled my wallet out to pay for it. 

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