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I’m Dreaming of a Commercial Free World (standard:humor, 912 words)
Author: GodspenmanAdded: Oct 28 2018Views/Reads: 341/160Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The one pleasure in reading the Bible is that there are no distractions.

It was one of those really busy weeks where there was hardly enough time
to breathe. For myself, I was glad the week was over and I could relax 
for the evening. 

“What do you want for supper?” The Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage
queried. “Do you want to go out for supper?” 

Going out for supper was the last thing on my mind. All I wanted to do
was relax here at the house. 

“No,” I said rather hesitatingly, “why don't we just order a pizza and
stay home tonight?” 

That brought a nice smile to her face. It is the one time that I made
the right decision. 

So, we ordered the pizza and were ready to settle down and enjoy the
evening together watching TV. Nothing could be more relaxing after the 
kind of week we had. It was like two steps forward and five steps 

The pizza arrived in good time and we were ready to turn our back on the
world, the past week and just enjoy our own little companionship. 

Ordering pizza can sometimes be tricky. I like pepperoni, she likes
mushroom and the twain never comes together. So we ordered a large 
pizza half pepperoni and half mushroom. That way I know I will get my 
half. I know she will not eat any of the pepperoni pizza. 

We were all snuggled down in our easy chairs eating pizza, drinking soda
and watching TV. 

“What do you want to watch tonight?” 

“I don't know,” she said hesitatingly, “anything is good for me

We settled on one of those Hallmark movies playing that night and began
watching it. If you ever watched a movie on TV, you know that they 
cannot go long without breaking for commercials. 

It was agitating to me, but I just indulged in my pizza and soda. 

Then I heard a very deep sighing on the other side of the room. For a
while, I pretended not to hear it. I just kept munching on my pizza. 

The sighing got louder and I tried to crunch louder. Unfortunately, the
sighing won. 

The next stage was, “I can't believe all of that.” 

Again, I tried to mind my own business and focus on the movie. At the
next commercial I heard somebody say, and it wasn't me, “I am just 
about tired of all that.” 

I am not sure what she was tired of; I was hoping it was not me. I know
it wasn't the pizza. You can only handle something for so long. 

Finally, I said, “What are you tired of?” 

“I'm tired,” she said most exasperatingly, “of all those commercials.
I'm tired of them all. I want them to go away.” 

I had to agree with her at this point. I am so tired of commercials. I
am dreaming of some world where there are no commercials. 

While watching this movie we decided to do a little bit of research.
After every part of the movie, it came to commercial time. When the 
commercials started coming we started counting them. Between every 
segment, there were 117 commercials. It seemed that way at least. 

The worst part of these commercials was the fact that most of them were
political commercials. Personally, I think that should be against the 
law. And the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage agrees with me. So, if 
she agrees with me it must be something of consequence. 

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