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It Was a Gobble-Gobble Kind of Day (standard:humor, 906 words)
Author: GodspenmanAdded: Nov 25 2018Views/Reads: 295/128Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
I do not often say the right thing, but when I do, what a joy it is.

I do not know about anybody else, but I truly enjoy Thanksgiving Day. It
is not just because of the turkey that the Gracious Mistress of the 
Parsonage prepares so brilliantly, although, I cannot think of any 
other reason. 

Of course, there is the idea of family getting together. I enjoy that
all the time. I like to hear the stories and get caught up with the 
latest happenings that have to do with my family. 

I remember years ago good old Uncle Bud was my favorite uncle. He could
tell a story that was so unbelievable that you ended up believing him. 

Even today, I can remember some of the stories that he would tell and I
could see now that he was exaggerating very well. I guess it's in our 

So, it is wonderful to get together with family and get up-to-date with
all the happenings in our family. 

However, when it comes to Thanksgiving, my focus is on the marvelous
food. Everybody in the family is to bring their special dish to share 
with everybody else. Some are good at baking pies, some at doing 
vegetable dishes (although this year we were not allowed to use 
lettuce), some at casseroles and a host of other delicious delicacies. 

Here's what I like about a good old-fashioned family gathering at
Thanksgiving. No matter what the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage 
says to me, I feel obligated to eat every dish brought in by a family 
member. After all, I surely do not want to embarrass anybody or shun 

And, the best thing about this is, I need to have seconds and thirds and
sometimes even more. After all, I do not want to offend anybody in my 

I'm not sure, but I think everybody brought a pie. There were so many
different pies on the table that I could not choose which one I wanted. 
Therefore, being the wonderful family person that I am, I took a slice 
of each. 

My reasoning is simple, if it is a Thanksgiving dinner and the food is
brought by family there absolutely no calories attached to it. That's 
my story, and I'm sticking to it! 

Although everything else was rather delicious, I must say that the
turkey was magnificent. And, as you might know, my wife prepared that 

She began the preparation for our Thanksgiving Day Turkey somewhere in
August. There were some turkeys on sale and she scooped them up as much 
as possible. After all, she wanted to make sure she had enough turkey 
for everyone. And, according to her, it is against family rules to 
leave the family dinner without taking leftovers with you. 

To prepare for this, the turkey had to be huge. That meant two and maybe
even three turkeys to be prepared. It took her days to cook the turkey. 
Since I have no cookery imagination, I am not sure how she cooked it or 
how long it took her to cook it. All I know is, the kitchen smelled 
delicious for several weeks. 

Please, do not let this get out. But she had one turkey that was done
and she put it on the shelf to cool down a little bit before putting it 
in the freezer. I looked at it. I thought it looked back at me. I 
looked at it again and I got to the point of nonresistance. After all, 
why should I fight with the turkey? 

Very carefully I sliced bits of turkey where I thought nobody would
notice it and walked away munching on very delicious turkey. My problem 
was, the turkey was too delicious and I was too hungry. I went back 
several times and cut off just a little bit so nobody would notice. The 
nobody that I did not want to notice, of course, was my wife. 

I happen to be chewing on a bit of turkey when the wife came into the
room and asked the question she always asks me, “What are you eating?” 

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