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I Thought but Then I Unthought (standard:humor, 904 words)
Author: GodspenmanAdded: Jan 06 2019Views/Reads: 197/90Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
I am trying to learn to think about important things and not things that are negative and damaging.

Looking back over my life I honestly can say, giving it a great deal of
thought, the biggest problem I have is when I actually think. Thinking 
can get me into more trouble than anything else I do. 

This was no more evident than recently we got a phone call from the
bank. I hate it when the bank calls because they never call to wish me 
happy birthday or wonder how in the world I am doing today. They always 
have an agenda. Usually, that agenda has to do with my money. 

When I answered the phone all I could say was, “Here we go again.” 

Much to my relief it was not about my account, but rather it was the
bank account of the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage. I cannot tell 
you the smile that slapped itself all over my face when I heard this. 

Immediately I called my wife to the phone and said, “It's your bank
calling you about your account.” Smilingly I handed the phone to her. 

For years, we have had separate accounts and it has worked out rather
well. I remember when we first were married we had a joint account and 
it was always getting messed up. We had two checkbooks for the same 
account, which did not make any sense at all. Everything was messed up 
and checks bounced all over the place. 

To solve this dilemma we decided to have our own checking account in
separate banks. I am not quite sure about her account, but the checks 
keep bouncing in my account and I am not exactly sure why. 

The bank was calling my wife because there had been a suspicious
activity on her account. I thought about telling them that other 
activity on her bank account was also suspicious, but sometimes I know 
when not to speak. 

According to the bank, my wife bought a package of wine costing $600 and
they were wondering if she was buying it for the church communion 
service. I heard my wife laugh and figured out there is something going 
on. We do not use wine in our communion service, we use grape juice. 
However, the bank did not know why my wife was buying wine. 

The only wine in our house is me, who whines all the time and believe
me, according to my wife, my whining is very intoxicating. At least to 
her it is. 

We finally had to go down to the bank and try to sort this mess out. My
wife tried to tell them that she did not make such a purchase. 

I would like to tell you how delighted I was to go to the bank with her
and see her in a dilemma that I did not create. I know I create a lot 
of dilemma in our home. The fact that we been married as long as we 
have been married says a lot for her tolerance of whiny old people like 

“We did not think,” the bank manager said to my wife, “that you were
buying wine like this. We thought perhaps you might have been buying 
wine for the church communion service.” 

All three of us laughed a very hearty laugh because she knew we did not
use wine in our communion service. 

However, the truth of the matter was, there was this activity on her
account in the amount of $600. My surprise was that she had that much 
money in her account. I scratched my head a bit and thought, where did 
she get all that money? Immediately I had to unthought that and get 
back to the basics of our visit here in the bank. 

The bank manager got out all of the paperwork with this transaction. 

The first thing of note was that it took place in a liquor store in
Southern California where my wife had never been. 

My wife looked at me and said sarcastically, “Why are you smiling?” 

I thought about telling her, but then I unthought that and got back to
the details of the transaction. 

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