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I Miss My Good Friend, Tom Foolery (standard:humor, 904 words)
Author: GodspenmanAdded: Feb 17 2019Views/Reads: 163/59Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
There are too many broken spirits in our world today and too few merry hearts. My commitment is to try to help with the merry heart syndrome along with my good friend Tom Foolery.

This past week the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage and I were having
a conversation. Of course, it was more like a monologue, but you know 
how that works. 

We were thinking back over the years of our life together and reminding
ourselves of some of the great and wonderful times we have had. The 
friends we have made. The activities we have enjoyed together. Of 
course, there were the grandchildren and my wife had a great time 
talking about the grandchildren and I chuckling along with her. 

After a moment of quietness, my wife said rather seriously, “Who is the
friend you miss the most?” 

Boy, was that a question! 

I had to really think about that, then I mention somebody she knew and
we moved on to another subject. 

However, thinking about that a little bit later I did acknowledge that
the friend I missed the most was Tom Foolery. I guess, as you get older 
you more or less outgrow that friendship. But I certainly do miss him. 

Being older now, and supposedly wiser, I am expected to have a certain
serious decorum. I am to take everything very seriously and 
professionally. I suppose I am seriously a professional geezer. 

Why is it when you get older people expect different things out of you? 

I do have fond memories of my high school years when I was not expected
to be serious minded or professional. The great expectation back then 
was to enjoy yourself and have fun. Do not take life too seriously, was 
the motto of my younger years. 

Now that I am older, I have to take life seriously. Who came up with
that rule? I would like to send him to the principal's office. 

Someone once said in my hearing that 60 was the new 40. I do not know
what that means, but I like to lean in that direction. Too many people, 
including my wife, take things way too serious. Where is the fun in 
that though? 

I do remember quite fondly my friend Tom Foolery. We had a lot of fun
together and enjoyed each other's company totally. 

I think, even at my age that a little bit of Tom Foolery is not going to
hurt me in the least. Of course, my ribs might ache because of all the 
laughter involved. That it is a small price to pay. 

I was thinking about my friend, Tom, when I was at the post office this
past week. Every once in a while I have to take a package to the post 
office to have it mailed. 

This day the line was quite long and the service people were working as
hard and fast as they could. However, too many people had problems that 
could not be solved in a moment. 

The line got longer and longer, the people inhabiting the line grew a
little grouchy and grumpy, and I could hear some of the complaining 
behind me. 

I notice loads of problems in life, but if standing in line for a long
period is the worst of my problems, I certainly have a wonderful life. 
Not everybody goes along with that idea. Especially, the people 
standing behind me. 

Pretty soon, one of the lady managers from the back came out to try to
assist in the service. She said, “Is anybody here for pick up?” 

I do not offer any logical excuse or explanation for what I said. Just
that, the noodle soup upstairs was boiling and my mouth was unlocked at 
the moment. 

I said to the lady, “Are you handling the pickup?” 

“Yes I am,” she said very professionally as she walked over towards me. 

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