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It’s a Soap Opera World, Or Is It (standard:humor, 900 words)
Author: GodspenmanAdded: Mar 03 2019Views/Reads: 144/61Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The unreality of the world around me should not rob me of the reality of my relationship with God through Christ.

As a child, I remember my mother watching soap operas in the afternoon.
I never had much interest in them; I would rather watch The Lone Ranger 
and his companion Tonto. 

One afternoon I was sitting in the living room while she was watching
one of her soap operas. I was trying to figure out what in the world 
was happening. None of it made sense and it seemed to be more drama 
than anything else. Why they call it, “soap opera” I will never know 
because they could use more soap in their conversations. 

My mother would talk to the characters on TV telling them what they
should be doing and saying. Several times, she yelled at them giving 
them instructions. I caught her with tears in her eyes over a certain 
situation; I could not tell you now what that situation was. 

Although I never was much interested in soap operas, as I have gotten
older (and I intend to get a lot older) I begin to see similarities. I 
am not an expert on soap operas by a long shot. However, it seems to me 
that our world has become a gigantic soap opera. 

Everybody seems to be saying a line written for them by somebody else
and none of it really making sense. There was a time when you could 
understand what a person was saying and there was some rationale behind 
the conversation. 

Today is not that day. 

I have noticed TV has many “reality shows.” For my dime, I do not see
much reality in any of these reality shows. I know I do not watch them 
so maybe I am missing something. However, what I do see is not reality, 
as I know it. 

That brings me to a question. What in the world happened to reality in
our culture today? I do not see it anywhere. 

I understand advertisements are not based upon reality. Their job is to
sell their product to whoever they can sell their product to. I 
understand all that. 

I understand that politics today is not based on any kind of reality
known to man or woman. If we could get all politicians together in one 
room we maybe could find one tiny little gray cell that was working. 
However, it would not be overworked. 

To have politicians that have no sense of reality at all is a very
cumbersome predicament. They have no idea what the average person is up 
against and they have no way of helping them. 

With a great deal of soap opera-ism, the politicians speak and speak and

Just the other day I was listening to a politician talking and I could
not understand what in the world he was talking about. The only thing 
they know what to talk about is whatever the audience at the time 
accepts to help them get reelected. 

Where is the reality in politics? It is nothing but an overblown soap
opera that nobody is really watching. 

Not long ago when I was sick and could not get out of the house I
watched some programs that were called “talk shows.” After listening 
for a little while, I concluded that a hummingbird made more sense than 
these people did on talk shows. 

It has become a soap opera world for sure. Nothing really makes sense,
at least to the common person. Nothing has any sense of reality in it. 
I guess when you are in TV you are not allowed to be “real” about 
anything. The only thing that is real in our social media today is the 
money that people are making acting as if they know what they are 

Of course, I got a little piece of advice from the Gracious Mistress of
the Parsonage. I was complaining about all of this non-reality around 
us and how many idiots were out there in the world. I just went on and 
on and on until finally she heard enough. 

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