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A Post Thanksgiving Wishbone (standard:humor, 896 words)
Author: GodspenmanAdded: Dec 01 2019Views/Reads: 80/32Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Rev. James L. Snyder I heard a certain store in our community was not permitting any of their employees to say to any customer, "Merry Christmas." To which I, seeing the challenge before me, promptly went to that store, not to buy anything, but

Now that Thanksgiving is over, I can sit back and recoup from the
activity. I'm not sure about anybody else, but a holiday such as 
Thanksgiving takes a lot out of me. Of course, it puts a lot in me, but 
that's another story. 

The Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage and Yours Truly were catching our
breath right after our Thanksgiving fiesta. I was enjoying the quiet 
moment when my wife said to me, "Do you know what time it is?" 

I glanced at my wrist watch and said, "It's 8:30 right on the dot." 

My wife threw one of those looks at me, I was tempted not to catch and
said, "That's not what I mean, and you know it." 

This is the problem I have. My wife assumes I know exactly what she's
talking about every time she speaks. To be quite honest, it is a rare 
day when Yours Truly knows exactly what the wife is talking about 
whenever she speaks. This might be the reason I get into a little bit 
of trouble with her every now and then. 

She then continued. "What I mean is, do you know what time it is now?" 

I was tempted to say, "It's 8:32," but I learned my lesson, so I
casually asked, "No, what time is it?" 

She sighed very deeply and said, "It's time to get the Christmas
decorations down out of the attic and decorate our house for 

Upon hearing those words, I immediately froze in my chair. I was hoping
this year there would be an appreciative pause between Thanksgiving and 
Christmas. I must say I'm quite a fan of both holidays and all they 
represent. However, I certainly would like to get over one before I get 
into the other. 

"You'll have to go up to the attic and bring down all of our Christmas
decoration boxes." 

I do not relish this job. I go into the attic twice a year; once to
bring the Christmas decorations down, and once to take them back when 
Christmas is over. If anybody were to seek my opinion about this whole 
matter, I would immediately opine that twice a year is two times too 
many for me. 

I don't like the attic. It is dark and spooky up there. I'm not quite
sure who or what inhabits the attic, but I hear some awfully strange 
noises coming from there regularly, especially in the middle of the 
night. I'm not suggesting a ghost may be living in our attic, but it 
hasn't been proven otherwise. 

I do not believe in ghosts, but a person cannot be too careful these

If I could have a wish for this time of the year, I think it would be
that the next holiday should not begin before the last holiday has 
sufficiently worn off. I'm not sure if it is my age or what, but these 
holidays are coming fast and furious. No sooner do you get into the 
spirit of one holiday when the next holiday is knocking at your door. 

I do not think this is too unreasonable a wish. After all, there is a
period of three weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas, which I think 
should be used rather wisely. 

Even around our Thanksgiving Day table, everybody was chattering about
what they were looking forward to for Christmas. Everybody seemed to be 
playing old St. Nick and checking his or her Christmas list twice. 

I remember as a child we would set up the Christmas tree and all of the
decorations on Christmas Eve. Then, New Year's Day it would all be 
packed away for another year. That gave us approximately one week to 
enjoy the Christmas decorations. 

I'm almost at the point of saying, Happy Holiday, for the simple reason
I'm not quite sure which holiday we are celebrating. Is it 
Thanksgiving? Or, maybe it's Christmas? Or, then again, it may be New 

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