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Is This a Christmas Present or What? (standard:humor, 907 words)
Author: GodspenmanAdded: Dec 22 2019Views/Reads: 109/48Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
It is that time of the year when we think about all the things to be thankful. I am not sure how many blessings I have because some of the more important ones are ones I do not see. If I rest in God, he will take care of all the blessings I need in life.

One great blessing of Christmas is presents. Of course, at my age, I am
not too interested in what I am getting but rather what I am giving. 

I cannot think of one thing I really would want. I got everything I need
even though some of it may be old and outdated. As long as it works, 
I'm happy with that. 

Therefore, it is not what I am receiving that is important to me. I love
to see the smile on the grandchildren's face as they open up a present. 
I am just as delighted as they are opening their gifts because I did 
not buy it. I paid for it, but it is the job of the Gracious Mistress 
of the Parsonage to do all of the shopping, gift buying, wrapping, and 
everything that goes with it. 

If it were up to me, nothing would really get done, which would be sad. 

As I say, I am not looking for much for Christmas this year, just to
enjoy the family and celebration. 

Then something happened this past week that changed that attitude of

In the mailbox this week, I received a letter from the state traffic
department. I was a little nervous opening it because I've never 
received such a letter before. Why were they sending me a letter? What 
kind of trouble am I in? 

When I opened it, I noticed it was a traffic violation notice. Upon
further notice, I saw it was not for me. Can you guess who this traffic 
violation was for? Two guesses, and it's not me. 

I'm not too much into dancing, but I must admit, I did a little happy
dance as I read this letter. 

Accordingly, my wife had a traffic violation, and a camera recorded it. 

Looking at the picture, it did not look anything like my wife. The whole
picture was blacked out so you could not see anything. Oh well, it did 
have her name on it, what more do I need? 

Walking into the house, I was cheerfully whistling and maybe some

“What are you so happy about?” 

Looking at my wife, I said, "I'm sorry. What did you say?" I heard her,
but I wanted to hear her repeat it. 

“You heard me. What are you so happy about?” 

I was going to ask her to repeat it, but I thought otherwise. 

Handing her the letter, I said with the biggest grin on my face I have
ever had, “You have a traffic violation ticket.” 

There are times in life to celebrate, and, as far as I was concerned,
this was one of those times. I do not very often if ever, get one over 
on the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage. This was the first time, and 
I did not quite know how to handle myself. How much happiness is too 
much happiness? 

“This cannot be my ticket,” she said with a very disgusting growl. 

“I think it is. It has your name and your license plate number on it.
Who else's is it?” 

She went outside to her van and checked the license plate number. It was
not the right number. 

“It is not the right license plate number, so it cannot be mine." 

At this point, my happiness peaked. I was not expecting something like
this. I was expecting a traffic violation. The total was $2.35. It did 
not seem like much, but there it was. I would be able to enjoy this 
moment for the rest of my life. Oh, how sweet life can be, especially 

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