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To One Itís Monday to Another Itís Wednesday (standard:humor, 901 words)
Author: GodspenmanAdded: Jan 11 2020Views/Reads: 83/38Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
My goal is never to let a day go by without causing somebody to smile.

Time goes so fast at times that I do not always remember what day it is.
I get so busy trying to get my work done that I forget if it's Monday 
or Friday. 

It is a good thing I am getting older because I have a built-in excuse
for forgetting what day it is. 

Recently, the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage and I spent some time
in St. Augustine for some vacation days. We don't often get to have 
vacation days, but when we do, we try to enjoy it. 

Just down a few blocks from our motel is a place we love dinning. It's
called the Village Inn. What I like about this restaurant is that on 
Wednesdays they always have free pie with anything you order even if 
it's just coffee. 

Free is always a good thing with me. I know that nothing is free, but
sometimes it is. 

Anybody who knows me knows that I do not take many things seriously. I
enjoyed being around people who are very seriously minded because I can 
get away with a lot of jokes with them. Some things are to be serious, 
but those are rather few in my book. 

Even at my age, I love to have fun. 

It was a Monday on our vacation that we went down to have lunch at the
Village Inn. 

Someone once asked me what my favorite pie was, and I gave them an
answer that my uncle always gave, "The one I'm eating at the time." And 
this restaurant has very delicious pies. 

It was Monday, however, and the pies were free only on a Wednesday. That
did not stop me from trying, though. 

The restaurant host escorted us to our table, and we sat down. Then the
waitress came to take our order. It was then that I had a thought 
giggling at the top of my head. That is always a dangerous situation. I 
decided to go with it. 

"Ma'am," I said as seriously as I possibly could, "I am a Yahooist, and
according to our religion, your Monday is our Wednesday." 

I am sure she never heard of a Yahooist because I never heard of one
either. She looked rather strangely at me, and I continued, "Does that 
mean I can have the Wednesday free pie today?" 

Looking at me for a few moments, she then broke out in laughter. I guess
she knew I was joking. 

ďA Yahooist, you say.Ē Then she took our order and went to the kitchen. 

I heard some laughter coming from the kitchen area when she went back,
and every waitress that walked by our table looked at me and said, 

One thing I strive for each day is making somebody smile if not laugh.
There are so many sad people in this world that I am trying to get them 
from being so sad. I have found that it does not take very much to get 
some people to laugh. 

Then the manager came to our table and said, ďSo, you're a Yahooist. How
could I join that religion?Ē 

Knowing that he was just having a little fun with me, I responded very
seriously, "To join you must say 'Yahoo' three times in a row and then 
bring me a free piece of pie." 

I do not let anything get past me if I can avoid it. The manager laughed
rather heartily and then walked back to the kitchen. 

Maybe I should think a little more seriously about creating a Yahooist
group of people. We sure could make a lot of people smile and laugh 
that otherwise would not do any of that. 

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