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I Sure Miss My Old Typewriter (standard:humor, 906 words)
Author: GodspenmanAdded: Feb 15 2020Views/Reads: 159/99Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Maybe the way I do certain things today has changed, but the message is always the same. Techniques change, but words never will.

I was going through my office the other day looking for something, and
then I saw it for the first time in many years. It was my old 

Most people today have no idea what the typewriter is. I remember,
however, my very first typewriter. I was so excited to get it and begin 
writing with it. I wrote a bunch of poems on that typewriter, and I 
sure wish I had copies of those poems. 

Up until I got my typewriter, I was writing everything by hand, which
can get very tiring after a while. There were typewriters in my school, 
and I went to a class to learn how to use a typewriter. However, I had 
no typewriter at home. 

That Christmas, my parents surprised me with my very own typewriter. I
was so excited about it, and I spent a lot of time typing nonsense. I 
used that typewriter for many years, and it was quite a companion with 

Then I decided to upgrade to an electric typewriter. That was a
significant upgrade for me. An afterthought: I wished I would've kept 
that first typewriter. When I got the electric typewriter, I could type 
faster than I was ever able to type before. I could not keep enough 
paper in the typewriter while typing. 

Using those typewriters, you put in one sheet at a time, but since I
knew nothing better, it was a wonderful thing. I went through a lot of 

In those old typewriters, what you typed was exactly what you got. If
you mistyped a word, it was mistyped. I cannot remember how many times 
I yanked the paper out of the typewriter, put in a new piece and 
started typing all over again. 

The thing so exciting was if I wanted several copies of what I was
typing, I could use carbon paper between each page. What I typed on the 
first page was typed on the second and third pages. That sure was 
exciting because now I had copies of what I was typing. 

The problem was, when I made a typo on the first page, it went all the
way through to the last page. You could not fool those carbon copies. 
What was on one was precisely on the other. 

I was thinking about that the other day and was wondering how I used up
a forest of trees just learning to type. 

That typewriter was a friend of mine, and we worked like a well-oiled
machine. The thing about that typewriter, it never tried to correct me. 
It always went along with what I said and wrote  and never talked back 
to me. I was actually in charge. 

I could always tell where my typewriter was because it was where I put
it, and it never moved. To move that typewriter would have been a big 
job, and so it always remained on my desk in my room exactly where I 
put it. I could not take it traveling with me; I had to use it where it 

At the time, I thought I had no better friend than that old typewriter
of mine. To look at it now, I kinda smile as I remember how things have 

I was writing my first book, typing each page, when I learned about this
new thingamajig called a computer. Well, I was not going to get 
anything modern. I was going to do things the old way. After all, 
Ernest Hemingway did all his typing on a typewriter. 

The more I learned about these computers, the more interested I became.
According to the people I was talking to, I could increase my output 
100 times faster. I initially did not believe that. 

Finally, halfway through that first book, I decided to switch over to a
computer. Those first computers had no hard drive, so you had to put a 
floppy disk in to run any program that you might be using. You also had 
to save what you were writing to a floppy disk. 

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