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Another Christmas Tree in the Bag (standard:humor, 912 words)
Author: GodspenmanAdded: Dec 27 2020Views/Reads: 128/62Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Itís not what you get that really matters, but what you give and the reason behind that giving.

It's hard to believe, but another Christmas has come and gone. It comes
so slow but leaves so fast. I guess I'll never understand that. This 
Christmas was probably the most unusual that I have ever experienced. 

When I was young, I remember those first Christmases; they were so slow
in getting here. I think for the week leading up to Christmas, every 
day gained at least 10 new hours. By the time Christmas Eve arrived, I 
was so worn out waiting that I didn't know what to do. 

I can't remember my first Christmas because I was only five months old
at the time. I have a hard time remembering those early Christmases, 
but I'm sure they were times of fun and merriment. There were no cell 
phones at that time and so I have no selfies to show. 

The day after Christmas, the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage and I
were sitting around the Christmas tree drinking our morning cup of 
coffee. Looking at the tree brought back a lot of memories for both of 
us. My memories are vaguer than hers, but after all, it's the memory 
the counts. 

At our stage in life, we are at what's called the empty nest stage, and
the house is so quiet. Reflecting on this, I couldn't help but remember 
some of those Christmases were so loud and so much energy, I didn't 
think that Christmas Day would ever get over. 

Leading up to Christmas in our house was quite interesting. The Gracious
Mistress of the Parsonage puts everything together, and she has a plan 
for everything. 

I remember one year trying to help her, and I just got in her way. Not
only that, but I dropped a couple of Christmas tree ornaments, and they 
broke. To this day, I've never made up for that one. 

As we were sitting around the Christmas tree, I remembered a Christmas
when I was rather young. This would have been hundreds of years ago, 
I'm sure. That Christmas, my father got me a Daisy Red Ryder BB gun for 
my present. Those were the days when such a thing as that happened. 

I was never so happy with a Christmas present in all my life. I can't be
sure how many boxes of BBs I went through that first month of having 
it. Nothing was more exciting to me than going outside and shooting my 
BB gun at anything and everything. 

I certainly long for those good old days when you could be a man no
matter how old or young you were. A BB gun was a great asset at that 

I must confess that I had my BB gun confiscated during the first couple
of days after Christmas. For some reason, I'm still not sure about it 
today, I was not supposed to shoot any windows in the house. I think, 
if I remember correctly, there were three windows I shot during that 

Not only did I have my BB gun confiscated, but there was a Christmas
spanking that went along with that. I can almost feel the spanking 

When I got my BB gun for Christmas, nobody told me that there were
certain things I wasn't supposed to shoot. It wasn't my fault that I 
shot a window. It was my parent's fault for not telling me not to shoot 
a window. However, they were not interested in why I shot the window, 
only that I shot the window. 

In a couple of weeks, I did get it back and was very careful what I shot
from that moment on. I remember I had a great time with it. I only 
wished I had that BB gun now. I often wondered what happened to that BB 

I chuckled as I told my wife the story of my BB gun. 

As much as I tried, I never got a similar story from my wife. I know
there were several, but I could never get her to own up to that truth. 
Of course, she knows if I had that kind of information that I could use 
it to my advantage. 

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