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Clementine and her Stalker (standard:romance, 2377 words) [5/6] show all parts
Author: Brian CrossAdded: Jan 27 2021Views/Reads: 87/32Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Chapter four of my romance novel - a student falls for a beautiful girl, not knowing of her notorious past, or that she's aristocratic.

Chapter Four 

Hamborough Hall July 2019 

The Earl of Hamborough, James Peter St Lodes paced the spacious marble
hallway of Hamborough Hall, his ruddy complexion a shade darker than 
normal. “Slow down, Guy – look, let me get this straight. You're saying 
that Clementine's in Richmond, in hospital – that you pulled her out of 
the Thames. I don't understand; she should be in Stamford; she's 
explicitly forbidden to travel ...” the earl broke off, gave an 
exasperated sigh. “How is she – is she ...” 

“Concussion? How bad? I see, look, I'm coming up right away. But answer
me this – how on earth has she suddenly arrived in Richmond, let alone 
come to end up in the bloody Thames!” 

The earl stopped pacing, clutched his forehead. “What? Repeat that
again, slowly ...” 

“She arrived with a fella? What fella – a stalker you say?” 

“Look, this is blasted atrocious – so what you're saying is this Stalker
chap coerced her, got her drunk in the hope of getting her into bed, 
and his plans backfired ...” 

“Okay, okay, Guy. So it was something like that.” The earl resumed his
pacing. “Guy, I'm summoning Thomas to have the limo ready right away. 
Meet me at the hospital and ...” 

“You can't? What do you mean you can't?” 

“A meeting on a Sunday?” 

“Oh, very well. But I'll speak to you again when I've got her home
because that's what's going to happen. I'm not prolonging her stay in 
London one minute longer than I have to. If she still requires 
treatment, we'll have her medical care take place here in private. And 
Guy, thank you for your prompt action – it sounds as though you may 
have saved your bloody fool cousin's life. 

“Thomas, Thomas,” the earl bellowed, his deep voice resounding
throughout the extensive ground floor. His wife, Countess Celia, rushed 
down the sweeping central staircase. “James, whatever is the ...” “Have 
Thomas ready the limousine for Richmond immediately, the earl yelled at 
her. “Our darling daughter has taken leave of her senses once again.” 

Countess Celia gripped the staircase bannister so tightly her hand
turned from sun-kissed brown to white, but the earl wasn't finished. 
“She's in Kingston hospital. Call them and advise them to expect me 
this morning.” He glanced at his watch. “In two hours at the extreme 
... oh, and another thing ... if by any chance a Mr Stalker shows up, 
not to allow him anywhere near her.” 

The earl turned abruptly on his heels and marched out of the foyer. 


After the lady of the house had provided a full English breakfast, I
thanked the family profusely, promising to wash and clean the clothes 
Tom had supplied and parcel them back to him. I headed for Kingston 
hospital, hoping to find Clem refreshed and recovered and ready to 
journey back to Stamford, hopefully putting this nightmare behind us. 
My thoughts, however, were locked on her and the many potential 
problems this ill-thought out excursion had brought forth. 

When I arrived at the hospital a little after nine, I thought it strange
that the staff immediately asked me if I were Mr Stalker. I was tempted 
to nod my head, but something inside persuaded me not to – after all, 
it wasn't my name, although as far as Clem was concerned, it was. 
Anyhow, I shook my head instead and said, “No, my name is Tony, Tony 
Williams. I'm a friend of hers. Is she well enough to see me?” 

“Well ... the receptionist paused, bit her lip. “I should tell you that
her father, The Earl of Hamborough, is on his way. But I'll see if Lady 
Clementine will see you if you'll just wait for a moment." 

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