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Clementine and Her Stalker Chapter Five (standard:romance, 2935 words) [6/6] show all parts
Author: Brian CrossAdded: Mar 17 2021Views/Reads: 41/13Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Tony Williams encounters a beautiful public schoolgirl while on Stamford Meadows. Little knowing that the 18-year-old is the notorious Lady Clementine St Lodes.

Chapter Five 

Clementine heard the brisk taps on her bedroom door before it swung open
and her mother thrust herself into the room, her lengthy stride taking 
her past Clementine's desk to her bedside. The countess thrust her 
hands on hips, eyes the colour of her daughter's blazing. 

“You foolish girl. You never learn, do you? You were fortunate your
cousin had the presence of mind to notice your distress and pull you 
out of the river.” 

Clementine fingered her blonde locks, frowned, and shook her head. “No –
no, he didn't.” 

The countess let out a gasp of indignation. “What do you mean, he
didn't? He told your father himself. So we have it straight out of the 
horse's mouth, so to speak.” 

“Then this particular horse is lying – it wasn't Guy who pulled me out.
I can remember now.” 

“Don't you dare speak of your cousin like that.” The countess's mouth
took on the ugly shape that Clementine so disliked, and her veins stood 
prominent in her neck. “Degrading his character.” The countess paused, 
crooked her head sideways, narrowed her fine blonde brows. “What is it? 
What are you trying to say?” 

“They told me my memory would return, and now it has. Mother, it was
Stalker who pulled me out.” 

“What?” The countess leaned closer, thin lines creasing her forehead.
“Stalker – Stalker?” she repeated. “Have you completely taken leave of 
your senses? That awful boy was responsible for your demise – though I 
must say you hardly need any encouragement at the best of times – but 
how can you lay there and say such things that you know not to be 

“You weren't there, Mother.” Clementine rolled her eyes. “All you have
is third-hand knowledge. What Guy told Father because he obviously 
panicked and fled the scene – and then what Father told you. What's 
happened to your powers of reasoning, Mother? Oh, I forgot, you lost 
those a long time ago.” 

“You dare speak to me like that, child!” The countess's blue eyes
darkened with intensity. “The older you get, the more undisciplined you 
become. In any case, in the light of your escapades, basic reasoning is 
all that is needed. I can see your time in Stamford hasn't improved 
your behaviour in the slightest.” 

Clementine sighed, turned her head towards the floor to ceiling window.
“I'm sick of lying here.” She hauled herself up. “And listening to you 
drone on.” 

“You stay where you are, and mind your tongue,” the countess commanded,
her tone deepening. “You're obviously in no fit state to be going 

“I'm eighteen next month,” Clementine snapped back, “and I'll do what I

“Eighteen being the operative word, my lady ...” the countess spat the
words out, bitterness in her tone. “And you'll stay where you are until 
your father deems otherwise. He is, after all, most concerned about 
your welfare.” 

“Huh!” Clementine gave a derisive laugh, swung her head, and met her
mother's stare. “Great, I'm a welfare case, now.” 

Clementine watched her mother storm out, slamming the door, the
vibrations rattling the frame. 


The countess took the sweeping central staircase down to the ground
floor and hurried to the earl's study in the west wing. She flung the 

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