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A Divided House Makes a Happy Home (standard:humor, 907 words)
Author: GodspenmanAdded: Feb 07 2021Views/Reads: 89/42Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Amos must've been a husband to say something like this. The important thing is the focus of the agreement. At the opposite ends of our house, my wife and I are in full agreement.

Never has our world been more divided than today. Politics, religion,
sports and on and on I could go. For the most part, so many people 
think being divided is a negative thing. And for many people it is. 

However, after being married to the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage
for almost 50 years, I have discovered that a divided house can be a 
very happy house. It just depends on how you are divided and what 
divides you. That makes all the difference in the house. 

Being married as long as I have been does not make me an expert in this
area. I am only an expert in forbearance, which is the reason there is 
always a smile on my face. Whether you believe it or not, that smile is 

All of this came to focus recently when we finally finished adding an
office room to our house. It has been in process for at least four 
years. That's where my "forbearance" comes to play. 

When I think everything is ready to close, something happens that kicks
that can down the road another mile or two. 

Last year we were almost ready to finish when the coronavirus hit and
put everything on the pause. I'm not too fond of pause unless on a cat 
or dog. 

So, except for some bookcases, the office has come to the point of

This has brought our house to the Great Divide, which has brought a lot
of happiness to our home. 

On the other side of our house is a room called the Craft Room, which
the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage supervises. This is a room that, 
although I may be allowed to step in, for various reasons, I don't. 

I look into that room, and I see all kinds of crafty stuff that I have
no idea in the world what it is. And believe me, I am not going to ask 
what anything in that room is. 

So, at one end of the house, we have my wife's Craft Room, and at the
other end of the house, we now have the Pastor Cave, of which I am the 
sole supervisor and administrator. It is the place where I am in 
control of everything. 

When my wife is in her Craft Room on one side of the house, and I'm in
my Pastor Cave on the other side, we are significantly divided but 
enthusiastically happy. 

My wife does her thing in her room, I do my thing in my room, and the
twain shall never cross paths. 

This great divide has brought a lot of happiness to our home. 

The saying is true, what divides us may destroy us. But, if put together
craftily, what divides us may bring us together on a different level. 

She's happy in her room, I'm happy in my room, and the house rings with
enthusiastic happiness. 

Occasionally, my wife will come to the door of the Pastor Cave and say
very enthusiastically, “Look what I just made.” Then she shows me some 
craft that she has put  together. 

Because I'm not very crafty, what she shows me is very delightful, and I
express my great delight in her craftiness. 

One of the essential aspects of a good marriage is knowing what the
other person delights in. 

For example, my wife delights in crafts. I could not spend five minutes
in a craft room working on some craft. I would go absolutely insane. I 
probably would cut myself using some of them in her craft room. 

My wife takes great delight in working in her craft room. And you know
what they say, a delighted wife means a delighted husband. 

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