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Letter (standard:humor, 812 words)
Author: writer_52Added: Sep 22 2000Views/Reads: 2232/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is a Letter to a Daughter from her Father a Simple Applaichian man.. This is writen in the slang and language of the mountains.. I Know because I am one of it's children

Hi my Darling Daughter 

How is yer day a goin now?? Myself is just fine,just got back from up
town doin a little shoppin and boy the hole danged county must have 
been out in the sun. Cain't member a nicer day in a long time.. 

Saw old Billy Ray and Mary Anna Runyon don't no if you member them or
not, they only had 5 kids poor thangs, he had to work the mines all day 
and try and farm that mountainside in the evenin..That plot a ground is 
lucky to grow rocks. Dun wore out 2 good mules a tryin to git something 
other than weeds to grow there.. 

Well any ways they was a braggin on their daughter,the one that married
that Varney boy from over the other side of Belfry..Well seems he got 
some uppitty job up there in Florida and now hes a makin bigg money 
sellin them retired Yankees life insurance.hehehehe  Seems they just 
bought a new house that has three bedrooms and an inside toilet,Now who 
ever heared of going to the toilet inside a house,that just ain't 
healthy.. But since shes the only youngun they got that mounted to 
anything guess they do have to bragg on her a bit.. 

Also run into Deacon Parson,hes a lookin mighty poorly, feel so bad fer
him he came down with a case of flu and just seems to be a hangin on to 
him.. he's lost 20 or so pounds,looks like a walkin stick.. But he says 
hes feeling better now,Lord I sure hope so that woman hes got won't 
half cook nor feed him..Shes so worried about how she looks that he and 
them kids is lucky to even git a meal outta her.. You know how she is 
always a primpin and a wigglin around. I don't know why he stays with 
her at all, seems a good man of the church should have got hisself a 
better woman,but then maybe thats the lords plan fer him.. 

Bought me a new plow this year, Yep finally broke down and did it sure
hate to spend that much money but I had sharpind that old one till it 
was into the thick part of the steel,and the poor old Mule was haven a 
hard time a pullin it.Broke three breast lines last year blacky had 
pulled so hard on em. You'd really like this new one it has pure ash 
handles and the tie rings is real hard metal so they say.. the blade 
looks so funny a bein that big and all,but i bet it will really turn 
over some ground.. I think I got most of the rocks up now.. 

You wouldn't recognize the palce any more. the old woman finnly talked
me into puttin some of that store bought sidding on the house,wanted it 
to look like brick so I spent the money to make her happy..Would you 
believ it cost most of 15 dollars for that new asphault stuff,it looks 
like bricks but it sure does stink somethin awfull hope the oder goes 
away after a while don't know if I can sleep there much longer with all 
that stinkin.But Ma.s happy so what can I do 

Oh for I fergit old tom bagley passed last week.. Poor feller had been
in a lot of pain since that accident at the mines.. Was so freak ain't 
never seen anything like it. Seems he was a workin grave yard shift and 
one of them coal cars broke aloose and runned over his foot..Well you 
know how hard headed he was so he finished his shift couldn't afford to 
lose the pay and when he got home his foot had sweeled inside the boot 
to where they had to cut it off..Really made him mad as heck cause he 
surely didn't want to by another pair of boots cause they is so 
expensive almost 5 dollars can you believe that? 

Any ways time he finally realizied he needed a Doctor he was a layin
there a painin somethin fierce..The Doc showed up and the foot had dun 
set up gang green so when the Doc started to amputate it the knife 
slipped and cut that big blood line to his heart he bled to death in a 
few mins. poor ole Doc felt so bad about it but he did the best he 
could I recon.. They laided him to rest yesterday mornin and it was a 
nice funeral I must say..Plenty of mountain lillies and roses you know 
how he liked them roses.. 

Well My Darlin I guess I better close this book and git it in the mail
box afore the mail man gits here.. You no how he hates to wait on any 
body. So Write soon and hope all the best to you and yours 

Love you bunches Daddy 


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