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Dee Woke Up With Pudding In Her Mouth (standard:humor, 1479 words)
Author: Amber WaltersAdded: Jul 28 2001Views/Reads: 2275/1392Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A humorous story for children with a message about pursuing the things they love.

Dee Woke Up With Pudding In Her Mouth 

by g.a.w. 

When you are 8 years old and wake up with pudding in your mouth, life
takes on a whole new meaning.  It makes you think life is really like a 
fairytale after all!  But mostly, it makes you think, what are you 
going to do with all that pudding? 

The night before Delilah (but everyone called her Dee) woke up with
pudding in her mouth, it was an ordinary night - no different than any 
other.  Except Dee dreamed she was a singer, which was unusual because 
she could not sing.  This was also odd because for as long as she could 
remember, Dee wanted to write stories to make people smile. 

Anyway, in this dream, every time Dee opened her mouth to sing - sweet
tasting musical notes came out of her mouth (that you could really 
see), but no sounds. 

The next morning Dee sat up in bed when she heard her mother's high
heels clicking near her door. 

"Get up.  Rise and shine, sweetie. Time for the day to start." 

Mama entered the room smelling like flowers and then she pulled back the
covers on Dee's bed - just like any other morning. 

"Why are you so quiet this morning?  Cat got your tongue?"  Dee's mama
asked with a laugh. 

"No, Mama.  Puddin' in my mouth," Dee said as best she could. 

"What's that?  What did you say?" 

Mrs. Banks bent over to look into her daughter's face. 

Dee pointed to her mouth and tried to swallow. 

"Open up.  Let's see.  Hope you're not trying to get out of going to
school this morning." 

Dee rolled her eyes.  Her mama always thought kids were trying to get
out of doing what they were supposed to do. 

Mrs. Banks opened Dee's mouth and her mother's eyes grew bigger.  Mrs.
Banks stuck her finger in the vanilla gooey stuff. 

"Dee, you've got pudding in your mouth.  Where did you get pudding?  We
don't even have any pudding. 

Dee shrugged her shoulders and bit her thoughts.  No need to think smart
aleck thoughts, like `Duh, I already figured out I have puddin' in my 

Mrs. Banks decided to get the pudding out by filling up jumbo-sized
paper cups.  Between Dee's swallowing and Mrs. Banks filling the cups, 
they were able to keep the pudding under control. 

Mrs. Banks called her new friend, Miss Belle the Nurse.  Miss Belle
worked an evening shift - so she was free during the day. 

Miss Belle rushed over and sat with them and tried to figure out what in
the world was going on. 

At around 11:30 that morning, the vanilla pudding turned to liquid and
Dee was able to swallow it and that was the end of it.  Dee was very 
happy because she had eaten way too much pudding for one day. 

Her mother told her to continue to rest, and hoped that Dee would be
able to go to school and she could return to work the next day. 

Miss Belle hoped so, too, and that was the end of Day One. 

The second day when Dee woke up with chocolate ice cream in her mouth,
she was not even happy that it was her favorite treat.  Dee thought, 

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