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The Easterbunny (standard:humor, 988 words)
Author: LizAdded: Sep 23 2001Views/Reads: 2307/1334Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The things college students will do for money.......

The Easterbunny Liz 

The ad in the newspaper looked harmless. Small and at the end of the
page  was the words-”Easterbunny needed to local Easteregg hunt. Two 
days only. Apply at 1245 Webster Street.” Looking at that small ad, I 
wondered exactly what an easterbunny would have to do. Thinking back to 
my childhood I remembered a person in a large pink suit dancing around 
and tossing a few eggs tot he children. How hard could that be? I would 
have to wear a goofy suit for two days and then get paid. One weekend! 
How hard could it be? 

Later sitting downtown in a room at 1245 Webster Street, I figured I had
made a good move. the only other person sitting in the room with me was 
an older Mexican guy. His clothes looked dirty and his hair was shaggy. 
I gave him a smile and he returned my smile with a huge toothy grin. 
Relaxing, I settled back. I had definitely got this job. Suddenly a 
women in a blue pants suit swept into the room. She held a clip board 
and a cell phone. She smiled brightly. 

“ Hello! IM Mrs. Barnes , Thank you both for coming down here to apply,
for this years annual Easter Bunny. Your name please Miss.” 

“ Krissy Larkin.” 

She turned to the Mexican guy. 

“ And you Sir?” 

“ Que.?” 

She looked at him with her head cocked. 

“ Sir, do you speak English?” 

The Mexican man shrugged and then nodded his head. The women turned back
to me and pushed her hair off her forehead. 

“ Congratulations Krissy larkin, you have the job. You have to come in
tomorrow to be fitted for the suit, say around two?” 

The Mexican man stood. he looked confused. 


I suddenly felt a sadness. what if this man had a wife and children at
home, who were counting on their father to get a job today. He would 
have to go home and explain to his Wife and children he hadnt got one. 
A young college student had taken his job. I stood. 

“ You know every Easter bunny could use a side kick.” 

Mrs. Barnes  looked at me with big eyes. 

“ A sidekick?” 

I nodded. 

“ Yes, he could be my sidekick...Floppy! A new attraction this year.
Mrs. barnes I could watch him and make sure he wouldn’t stray away.” 

She pursed her lips. 

“ Yes Krissy I do believe you are right. A second bunny this year could
bring in more children. Wonderful idea. Both of you come in tomorrow at 
two for fittings.” 

The Mexican man looked at me with confused eyes. I put my arm around

“ OK Floppy, two tomorrow. OK?” 

“ Que.?” 


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