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The Greatest Hero.......Ever (standard:humor, 1058 words)
Author: denis holzhauserAdded: Nov 30 2001Views/Reads: 3881/1735Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Somebody had to be the first one...

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future,try to swallow another glob. 

The tribe stood looking at him,as though waiting for him to either die
or,at the very least,throw up with loud and disgusting results.He,with 
great effort,forced back his inner heavings and,manly walked off 
towards the waters...turning to the group,he said,"I'll go get enough 
for everybody." 

Soon he had found a natural seeming nesting area where the oysters lay
in great numbers.He stood in the shallow water and beckoned for some of 
the men to join him to get the foodstuff.Only a few came out to 
help,but shortly,they had amassed a great heap of shells laying in 
piles on the sandy beach. 

Once back on shore,he stood before the group,and with great authority
began to instruct them in the opening and eating of raw oysters.Then 
his greatness showed through,when he,like any good promoter,told them 
that he had found out by eating oysters,that his sexual potency had 
multiplied,amazingly.Eating the ugly stuff,he told them,will make it 
necessary for you to have to have a great deal of love making or you 
will began to walk with a limp.The crowd laughed with great good humor 
and seemed to savor the glops of ugly looking goop more and more. 

Over the next few years,the women of the tribe begin to have no doubts
that the oysters did,indeed,seem to have made their men better 
lovers,so they served the good tasting goop more and more.When the old 
chief died in his sleep...then Uglish was unanimously chosen to be the 
new chief and he served for amny years with great distinction. 

I think that the moral of this story has to be,that a really good
salesman can make people swallow anything. 



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