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A Christmas Encounter (standard:humor, 2069 words)
Author: FFCScripterAdded: Sep 27 2000Views/Reads: 2568/1491Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A short story about the adventures of two young people, having met via a mutual friend, and the trouble that ensues as their personalities blend into hilarity and wit.....

The wind was sweeping the snow into flurries along Interstate 66 as the
Jeep glided smoothly home.  The Christmas season had gone well; not 
only at the retail store in which I worked but at home as well.  It had 
been an enjoyable holiday break, but that may possibly have all ended 
on the night in question had there not also been others taking 
advantage of the hours off from work or from school by choosing to dine 
out.  My favorite of friends had introduced me to a favorite friend of 
hers, and it was agreed that we two strangers keep each other company 
until our mutual favorite was finished at her culinary job.  It was 
because of such that I found myself in a car and in silence. 

t was an awkward silence.  I stole a quick glance at the person next to
me, his hands on the steering wheel, eyes fixated on the road.  Why 
wouldn’t he say something?  Was he waiting for me to start a 
conversation?  I hoped not.  I hardly knew him, but here I was, 
coasting down the highway in his jeep, headed to who knew where, with 
only the steady drone of the highway and constant click of the heater 
to break the silence between us.  I decided to speak first. 

So, um, where do you want to eat?”  Nervously, I turned my face to his
and smiled, hoping to incite conversation, or at least obtain a better 
idea of what to expect for the next few hours.  It was the most crucial 
part, the dinner, for it could lead to either quick and lively 
conversation, resulting in a wonderful evening with the possibilities 
of a repeat, or could turn sour and die before the main course, leaving 
not only a bad taste and empty belly but an unfavorable mark on both 
parties, thus eliminating any chances of a follow-up.  I prayed he 
wouldn’t opt for McDonalds. 

Well, I really don’t want to eat at Micky D’s, so I was thinking maybe
AppleBees.”  I squealed with excitement.  I loved AppleBees!  The 
evening was off to a great start already. 

We arrived at AppleBees and took our seats.  By now the channels of
conversation had been opened, and we were talking and laughing amongst 
ourselves as though we were old friends.  I questioned him concerning 
his life in California, clinging to every word.  Stories of movie stars 
and Nickelodeon filled the air, captivating me in awe and anticipation. 
 I was mystified as his lips moved gracefully, uttering unbelievable 
tales in casual conversation, as though happening upon such divas as 
Ashley Judd and Goldie Hawn were common place occurrences in everyone’s 
life.  Captivating, simply captivating, it was. 

We ordered our food and the banter continued.  I warmed up to him
immediately, with a seemingly equal attraction radiating from him 
toward me.  The food came without our even realizing time had passed.  
It wasn’t until the platters of steaming morsels were placed before us 
that we finally clicked, and our creative juices intermingled, 
conjuring a festive potion of frolicsome fun and delight. 

We immediately set to work on the edibles, painstakingly taking bites
between paragraphs, the music of our dialogue ringing in our ears as we 
filled the gaps of our personalities, giving more and more information 
as to our likes and dislikes.  How alike we were!  I carefully watched 
him cast a mischievous eye over the other patrons in the dining 
establishment, and leaned in closely when his voice dropped so as not 
to miss a solitary word. 

“We are surrounded,” he spake in hushed terms, “by unsuspecting
partakers in the same delicacies as we ourselves have partaken in.”  I 
was enthralled at the gentle lilt and rhythmic meter of his speech.  It 
was as though I was watching Homer write an epic, or Shakespeare pen a 
play.  “The difference between them and us, my dear sir, is what they 
hold to be their audience.  They are too consumed and concerned with 
supplementing their appetites and fulfilling their dietary needs to 
recognize the likes of us.”  I was on the edge of my seat, drinking in 
every word, not daring to guess at where his prolific testimony was 
leading.  It was too exciting, too surreal, to analyze.  “Therefore,” 
he continued, “I propose that we divert their attention from their 
flatware and focus instead their attention to us.  We are, after all, 
going to one day be the idols of their children, powerful citizens of 
this great country, and it is only fair that we allow these people 
moments that they may reflect upon in future years.  They will savor 
this day, for they will recall, and believe, that they were more 
glorious and dignified than we two shall be this day.  Having said 

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