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The Henry H Hezon Story (standard:humor, 660 words)
Author: Jimmy S SuggsAdded: Apr 08 2002Views/Reads: 2052/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Henry is a insurance salesman in his mid 50s or so. He is overweight,and married with two children. He has been told by his doctor to find a hobby in order to improve his health.

Henry H. Hezon Story 

Henry Hezon's Fishing Disaster 

Henry, an insurance salesman in the South had just gone for his yearly
routine medical examination.  His doctor said Henry's health was fine 
except for the fact that he worked too much.  He suggested that he 
needed more exercise and maybe a hobby.  Henry knew he was slightly 
overweight, but he did not like to exercise.  His wife had repeatedly 
asked him to go walking with her but Henry always had an excuse for not 
going.  Today, Henry decided he might take the doctor's advice and take 
up a hobby.  Henry decided to go and see Frank, an old high school 
buddy who had just opened a sporting goods store.  Maybe he could 
suggest a good healthy hobby.  Frank was an ex-jock who still went to 
the gym regularly. 

Henry went by Frank's store and told him all about his problem.  Frank
suggested that Henry should buy an exercise machine.  Henry did not 
like this idea because he knew there was too much work in using the 
machine.  Frank started talking to Henry about fishing.  "The thrill of 
getting out early in the morning is the best part," Frank said.  He 
convinced Henry that all there was to fishing was to get into a boat 
and go.  Henry hadn't fished since he was a small child, but he took 
Frank's advice.  He went right down to the boat marina and put a down 
payment of a new boat. 

When he went home and told his wife, Henretta, she was mad to say the
least.  She started talking about how the car was not in good shape to 
pull a boat like that.  Henry tried to convince her that everything 
would be all right.  He was so excited about going fishing; it was all 
he talked about for the next few days. 

Finally, the big day arrived for Henry.  Henry left the house very early
on Saturday morning heading for the river in the adjoining county.  
When he arrived at the boat landing, there was a long line of others 
waiting to put their boats in the water.  After a long wait, it was 
Henry's turn to back his boat down into the water.  Henry had never 
backed a boat or anything else before.  He started backing toward the 
dock.  The boat went one way then the other.  Each time he tried it, he 
seemed to get farther and farther away from the boat dock.  A man, who 
had been watching Henry for several minutes, asked if he could try.  
The man got into Henry's car and backed the boat into the water the 
first time.  He made it look so easy.  Henry thanked the man and walked 
toward his boat with his fishing gear.  As Henry got into his boat and 
pulled away from the pier, he thought he was off to find fish.  Fishing 
was not as easy as it looked.  He was not having any luck at all.  Each 
place he cast his line, he kept getting it hung in the debris in the 
water or on the bank.  Finally, after about two hours, Henry caught his 
first fish. He was feeling pretty good now. 

However, something happened to change that feeling.  The game warden
pulled up in a boat beside Henry.  It seems that in his haste to go 
fishing, Henry had forgotten to buy a fishing license.  After giving 
Henry a ticket, the game warden pulled away wishing Henry a good day.  
It was then that Henry decided to head for home.  He began to feel 
better when he backed his trailer into the water the first time.  Maybe 
things were looking up now he thought.  As he was pulling the boat out 
of the water, he heard a strange sound coming from his car before it 
quit altogether. 

As the wrecker started to tow Henry home, he felt sure that fishing was
not his hobby after all. 


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