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WIZOS (standard:humor, 450 words)
Author: CragAdded: Apr 29 2002Views/Reads: 1984/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Strange but True

This story is about a small guy who's name is Billy-John-Bob the third. 

He lives in a vast dome on the surface of the planet Mars, on the
southern most pole where water can be manufactured from the Hydrogen 
locked in the orange rock. 

For Billy, life was simple, sleep , get up, eat more crackers, put on
his hyper learning goggles (wizos) for 10 minutes and relax while the 
information is rapidly flashed into his brain, then another 10 minutes 
of anealing where he listens to special music which enforces his brain 
pathways allowing him to remember his lessons and after that, the rest 
of the day way spent on play. 

Billy never knew of his earth roots, though he was learning about it, he
imagined it, but thought that it would never be anything like being 

As he skipped through along the paths of the farm pod, he met
Bizanthmine, a girl of his age that he knew well. They chatted and 
wondered if this place would ever have any excitement... 

So they plotted a way to make things more interesting, that night they
logged into their hyperterminals and began programming together as a 
team across the network, it seemed they both knew exactly what they had 
to do and within a few hours they had created a wizo glasse's routine 
of their own. To do this they had spent time accessing the ancient 
achives of old earth. 

Next day, all the kids who lived in the dome, got up and started their
normal routine, food then wizo glasses.... Accessing there normal grade 
setting, the kids let the flashes from the wizos do the work and all 
seemed normal. As they sat back to listen to the music afterwards they 
were surprized to hear a very rythmic mathematical music with a deep 
voice signing words which sounded of the old ways, as they felt the 
pathways of their brains become in tune to the music they felt 
elevated, almost energetic... 

That day was different to all the other days, the kids spent there time
wandering the dome, this time they were crazed with the desire to sing 
and make music, they drummed, strummed and hummed on the outer shell of 
the dome and pretty much anything they could find that made a 
noise...especially metal objects and heavy ones too.... 

Billy and Bizathamine quietly giggled at the rumpus they had started, no
real harm had come to anyone or anything, just a little more energy 
than usual...they thought "I wonder if that music had that effect back 
in the old earth days" or was it the wizo, it had been a fun day and 
hey...... Nothing Else Matters.....


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