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Untitled (standard:fantasy, 3160 words)
Author: AshitakaAdded: May 12 2002Views/Reads: 1788/1171Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This sotry is not yet finished, I only want peoples reactions to my work.


"Mother!" cries Amara, as she watches her mother get stabbed and fall to
the ground. Amara runs to her mother's side, "Mother, mother, are you 
alive?" she shakes her mothers body.  "Run Amara,run.  Flee to the 
woods. I love you." with that Amara's mother dies. "I love you too mom" 
cries Amara.  Amara stands up and whipes away her tears, smudging dirt 
across her face,and goes to see if Avis and her family are still alive. 

Amara finds her friend Avis hiding behind her big brother Drake.  Avis
is crying because Drake and herself are the only ones left alive of 
their family.  Amara tries to calm Avis down, while listing to Drake 
say that they were the only ones left alive in the entire village. 
"Quick we have to run to the forest and escape the knights," says Drake 
pointing to some approaching knights.  The three run up the hill 
leading to the forest and away from the village.  They reach the top of 
the hill just in time to see the knights set fire to the village and 
gallop away on their horses. The three find a nice bed of moss at the 
trunk of an old willow tree, the long leaves reach the ground creating 
a curtain from the world, and they lay down to sleep. 

Amara wakes up, with a start, in a cold sweat from a bad dream of
watching her mother die in front of her. She looks around and realizes 
that her dream did happen.  She looks beside her and she sees Avis 
curled up against Drake.  Amara gets up and walks out from under the 
curtain of leaves from the willow tree, she holds up her hand to shield 
her eyes from the bright morning sun as she looks down to what is left 
of her village.  Half burnt houses, houses that are now just smoldering 
ashes.  The smell of burnt flesh and burnt houses fill her nostrils and 
she fights the wave after wave of nausea that builds in her throat. 
Despite the smell Amara walks down to the village and heads to her 
house.  She passes her neighbors burnt and mangled bodies.  She reaches 
to where her house once stood, but now it's just smoldering ashes. She 
builds a cross for her mother and everyone else in the village. She 
leaves her house and heads slowly back towards the hill. As she reaches 
the top, Drake and Avis are just coming out from under the tree and 
look at Amara.  Amara looks into their eyes and says "There is nothing 
left, there is no use staying here." "Your right," says Drake," We 
should head to the village by the castle and start a new life there." 
The three of them take one last look at their burnt village and then 
turn and walk into the forest. 


"My lady I have a letter for you."  says Margret, Princess Luna's Lady
in Waiting. "Ah, Margret.  What is this letter that you speak of?" Says 
Luna as she walks into her room from her balcony. "It was given to me 
in the market by Axel." "Axel, oh Margret let me have it." "Maybe I 
shouldn't, you know the king does not wanting you to speak, let alone 
love, him.  He wants you to marry Lord Van, whom you also love." "Oh 
Margret you know I love both Lord Van and Axel, it's just a letter what 
harm can it do?" says Luna as she takes the letter from Margret and 
sits at her desk and opens the letter. Margret sits on a chair next to 
Luna's desk and watches Luna read the letter. "He wants to see me 
again, in the church down in the glen." "Luna do you forget that your 
father forbid you from leaving the castle, how are you going to see 
Axel if you can't leave the castle?" "Margret, sweet sweet Margret." 
"Don't even look at me like that. I'll help you but if your father 
finds out that I helped you, I'm dead meat." "Oh he won't find out, 
I'll say I did it all if he finds out.  Now how am I going to get out 
of this castle unnoticed?" "A kitchen maid." says Margret thinking out 
loud. "What was that Margret?" says Luna as a smile spreads across her 
face. "Oh I said a kitchen maid.  They have never seen you so they 
wouldn't recognize you.  I can get some clothes from the laundry man 
and you can dress up and leave the castle through the kitchen." "Oh 
Margret that is a wonderful idea." exclaims Luna as she jumps up and 
hugs Margret. "OK, ok, stay here and I will go get your clothes," as 
Margret leaves Luna's room she turns back to Luna and says, "Do you 
really love Axel?" Luna looks outside through her balcony and past the 
castle walls, "I do." Margret smiles as she heads down to the basement 
to get the clothes for Luna. Luna sits at her desk and writes a letter 
for Axel to read, after their meeting. *************** "Axel I really 
don't think you should see Luna anymore.  We have already been banished 
to the woods because of this." says Aurora calmly as she watches Axel 

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