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Long-time Friends (standard:romance, 1550 words)
Author: K. A. JoyceAdded: Jun 10 2002Views/Reads: 1846/1112Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Highschool sweethearts perhaps? (Incomplete) This is a story i started writing a long time ago. Any feedback is welcome, as are ideas on how i could continue it...

A cough, a sneeze, a pencil dropped and someone started to snore but
still Mr Drewson continued to write an incredibly complicated formula 
on the board.  As it was Friday I afternoon I wasn't overly interested 
so I went back to my drawing.  I turned my head as someone next to me 
tapped me on the shoulder; a piece of paper was thrown onto my desk. 

I looked behind me, wondering who it could have been from, no one was
looking back.  Unperturbed I turned back to the front and unfolded the 
note.  I thought I could have probably matched the handwriting to that 
of one of my friends, but it wasn't written, it had been typed.  As I 
read through the note, it wasn't very long, my curiosity as to who had 
written it, or should I say typed it, grew.  Once again I turned 
around, wondering who may have typed it.  I decided it had been someone 
in a computer class this morning, the bottom of the paper had the time 
and date of printing on it. 

"Miss Harrison, would you please face the front and pay attention," I
turned around to find Mr Drewson looking at me, "Thank-you, Now as I 
was saying," having got my attention he continued talking.  I looked 
again at the note; 

Meet me on the seat near the top oval at 1:15. 

My first thought was 'who am I supposed to be meeting'. I turned the
paper over a few times but there was nothing else on it.  I looked at 
my watch 12:27, just over forty-five minutes til quarter-past one.  Now 
I just had to figure out whether or not I was gonna show up.  I spent 
the rest on my science lesson thinking about what I would do.  When the 
bell went at one o'clock and Drewson was sure we had written down our 
homework I walked out of the room and headed in the general direction 
of the oval.  As I stopped to get a drink I decided I'd give this 
person, whoever it was, five minutes to show up, then I was going. 

I stopped on the way to talk with some friends, so by the time I got to
the proposed meeting place it was 1:13.  I decided I'd wait until 1:20. 
There was an afternoon soccer training session on so I started 
watching, picking out people I recognised.  I checked my watch, 1:15.  
I turned around on the seat, and looked down towards the school, no-one 
appeared to be heading in my direction; or were they.  There was 
someone walking under the buildings, just coming out into the open, I 
couldn't make out who it was from here. 

Then they waved, "Bec!" it was only James, one of my best friends.  He
must of spoken to Jo and she told him I'd come up here to watch the 
training while I ate lunch. 

"Hi James, howz it going?" I called back. 

"Not too bad, how bout yourself?" 

"Oh yeah, I'm okay.  What brings you up here?" 

"Umm," I thought he hesitated, but I may have been mistaken, "Oh I was
just taking a walk around the school, how about you?" 

"Oh, I just came up to watch a bit of the training session, it's a good
team this year," I nodded in the direction of the soccer drills being 
carried out nearby. 

I had an impression that a look of worry had crossed James' face, but I
wasn't sure. 

"How was science? Drewson get on your back about you not handing in your
homework? Anything exciting happen?" 

I giggled, "Science, hmm, I think I fell asleep for some of it actually,
but Drewson didn't say anything about the homework, but he did have a 
go at me for turning around.  And yeah, something interesting did 
happen, I got handed this." I decided that seeing he was my best friend 
I could tell him.  I pulled out the note and showed him.  He read it 
and smiled. 

"So you did get it," He said, " I wasn't sure Brad would get it to you."

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