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Star Trek: The Original Series [Enemy Unseen] (standard:Fan Fiction, 2141 words) [1/2] show all parts
Author: Captain KirkUpdated: Aug 20 2002Views/Reads: 2300/1415Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
In this episode, the Enterprise responds to a distress call sent by a mining colony on Gamma Hydra V. Having been attacked and raided, the colony is besieged by an invisible army that uses the jungle to conceal itself...until now!

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him a nod of confirmation that Enterprise was now within transporter 

"Agreed, Captain. We wish to resolve this situation as quickly as
possible, in order to return to our mining and make up for lost time." 
The being remained remarkably still throughout the transmission, the 
only slight of action on his end being the short, choppy motions of his 
toothy mouth as he spoke. 

"Understood, Kirk out." Uhura cut the transmission, returning the
viewscreen to its default feed of forward display, which now showed 
Gamma Hydra V off-centered to the left just slightly, growing larger by 
the second. 

"Mr. Sulu, slow to impulse and assume standard orbit. Uhura, have Dr.
McCoy meet Mr. Spock and myself in the main transporter room, and Mr. 
Scott, you have the conn." 

Kirk bolted out of his chair and over to the bridge's turbolift doors,
where Spock was standing patiently. As they slid open, Kirk stepped in 
and was followed closely by his first officer. Scotty moved from his 
post at the engineering station to the command chair, easing into it 

"Transporter room one," Spock commanded, then turned to Kirk as the
lift's engines hummed to life. "Captain, I suggest we take a security 
officer along on this trip as well, should the perpetrators we locate 
turn out to pose a real threat. After all, the Romulans have been known 
to show themselves around this part of the galaxy, along with other 
aggressive races." 

"Good thinking, Spock. I'll have Ensign Davis join the landing party."
Kirk smiled slyly at the joke, in that Ensign Emily Davis carried a 
reputation aboard the Enterprise not only for her sharpshooting phaser 
skills and her effective hand-to-hand combat maneuvers, but for her 
stunning beauty as well. Spock lifted an accusing eyebrow at his 
captain, whose smile slowly vanished and was replaced with an awkward 
clearing of throat. 

"Ensign Davis will be fine, Captain," Spock offered, then flipped on the
communication port inside the turbolift and ordered Ensign Davis to 
transporter room one. 

* * * 

As the doors of transporter room one slid open, Dr. Leonard "Bones"
McCoy walked in and looked around at the faces already gathered there. 

"Would somebody tell me why I was just called out of an administration
of Retinox III on absolutely no forward notice?" McCoy stared intently 
at Kirk, who was strapping a phaser to his side. 

"Bones, glad you could make it. We're taking a trip to the surface and
thought you'd like to come." Kirk smiled and stepped onto a transporter 

"The surface of what?" McCoy insisted. 

"Gamma Hydra V, Doctor," Spock filled in, "Where a series of terrorist
attacks have left a mining colony besieged in their own camp. There 
will likely be wounded among the miners, and your presence would be a 
logical precaution to take." Spock was also wearing a phaser, and a 
science tricorder was dangling loosely from a strap around his 

"Well, hell," McCoy swore, and then snatched the medicorder and medkit
that had been placed out for him on an instrument table. He slung the 
shoulder strap of the medkit around his thin, wiry body and adjusted 
its weight onto his hip, then strapped the medicorder over his other 
shoulder and let it hang loosely across his opposite hip. Adequately 
armed with enough ammunition to wage war on thousands of malevolent 
microbes and viruses, he stepped onto the transporter pad between Kirk 
and Spock and sighed. 

"Well what are we waiting for, body fatigue?" He asked, readjusting the
weight of his medical equipment as a transporter engineer stood across 
the room confirming the transport coordinates. 

As if on cue, Ensign Davis strode into the transporter room, already set
with a phaser. Her long legs carried her effortlessly across the room 
and onto the transporter pad, where her long, blonde hair and her deep, 
green eyes beamed flawlessly against her red miniskirt-style security 

McCoy's glance slowly moved from Kirk to Spock, then back to Kirk. 

"Security," Kirk answered simply. McCoy again turned to Spock. 

"Security," Spock repeated. 

"Right," McCoy laughed. 

"Alright, sir, ready to transport," the engineer called from behind the
transporter console. 

* * * 

The florid array of golden sparkles surrounding the materialization of
the landing party on the surface of Gamma Hydra V had barely dissipated 
before disruptor blasts fell onto them from all directions. 

"What the-- Get to cover!" Kirk yelled, diving behind the base of a
large shrub-covered trunk. McCoy and Spock fell beside him, each taking 
care to keep their heads below the protruding roots of the great, 
gnarled jungle tree. Davis was also there, already returning fire at an 
enemy she could neither see nor take proper sight at. 

The disruptor blasts, coming less frequently now than when they had been
standing in plain view, were originating from within random grooves and 
crevices of the dark jungle floor. Every brush, every shrub, every 
tree, and every wall of moss created shadows, and from within these 
shadows the enemy was strategically concealed. Kirk and Spock, with 
their backs against the great wall of the tree, returned a few phaser 
blasts into the thick jungle in an attempt to hit anything at all. 
Davis was firing in the opposite direction, rising to fire over the 
tree's roots and then dropping back into cover. 

"We're going to have to run for it," Davis yelled above the noisiness of
the weapons exchange. "I can see some buildings just through there!" 
She pointed to their right, where a small encampment could just be seen 
through the thick brush. 

"Ensign Davis is correct, Captain," Spock replied, "my tricorder
indicates that those buildings are in fact the mining colony Nexus 
Iota. It also indicates that we are surrounded by as many as twenty of 
these armed bandits, but only in front and to these two sides. Not in 
the direction of the colony itself. Our only logical maneuver is to try 
to make it to the colony as quickly as possible." 

Kirk pulled out his communicator and flipped it open. 

"Kirk to Enterprise." He waited for a few seconds, but received no
reply. He tried again after adjusting the settings to all-channel and 
high frequency, but still got no reply. 

"Bones, we're going to have to run for it. You and Ensign Davis go
first, Spock and I will cover you. Once you're a safe distance, we'll 
follow. Go!" A disruptor blast caught the tree root covering his head, 
sending bits of debris exploding all around him. 

Kirk spun around and returned fire, and Bones grabbed his gear and began
running through the jungle. Davis took off after him, trying to get in 
front and watch for any surprise attack from that direction. As they 
headed for the colony, Kirk and Spock fired a wide array of blasts 
through as many of the hiding spots as they could find to shoot at, 
unsure of whether they were hitting or missing. 

"Captain, I believe that Dr. McCoy and Ensign Davis are safely on their
way, as should we be now." Spock said seconds later, his hand on Kirk's 

"Go, Spock, I'm right behind you!" Kirk replied, still firing his phaser
at every waving leaf and every dark patch he could see. 

After a few seconds, Kirk jumped to his feet and raced toward the mining
colony. He could see Spock just ahead, and had begun to pick up his 
sluggish pace after the stiffness of lying on the ground wore off, when 
a disrupter blast slammed into a large, broken limb that he was 
stepping over. The force of the explosion knocked him off balance, and 
he stumbled hard and head first into a thicket of thorns. The bush cut 
and stung at his flesh as he fought free of it, but the disruptor 
blasts were coming in much faster now. His enemy was in pursuit, and 
gaining on him rapidly. Kirk got to his feet and fired three blasts 
into the jungle, then screamed in horror as ten blasts came at him in 
response. There was only enough time to register the fact that he had 
been shot at, not enough to dodge the blasts. 

Spock spun on his heel suddenly as he heard Kirk's cry, but was unable
to locate his captain's physical location by sight. He quickly flipped 
on his tricorder to register human life forms, but closed his eyes 
solemnly as he read its report. His captain's life sign was weak, 
indicating that he had been rendered unconscious by a disruptor blast. 
Worse, Kirk was now immediately surrounded by more than a dozen of 
these invisible warriors. 


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