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Star Trek: The Original Series [Enemy Unseen--Part 2] (standard:Fan Fiction, 1609 words) [2/2] show all parts
Author: Captain KirkAdded: Aug 20 2002Views/Reads: 1640/1252Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The Enterprise has lost contact with the landing party, and things are beginning to spiral out of control. Kirk has been captured by the enemy, the Enterprise has detected an unidentified, cloaked ship in close proximity, and Spock & McCoy are at odds

Star Trek: The Original Series "Enemy Unseen--Part 2" 

Scotty walked back and forth across the bridge of the Enterprise,
examining each crewman and the station that they were working at as he 
passed behind them. He listened intently to the sounds all around the 
gray with red trim room, the beeping and chirping of the Enterprise's 
automated sensor readings, the hum of the impulse engines, and the buzz 
of the life support system, among other things. Each sound had a unique 
quality about it, the pitch and frequency of each telling him exactly 
how the respective instruments were working and what their readings 
were indicating. At the moment, all systems were performing at optimum 
levels, indicating nominal ship status. Suddenly, however, the ship's 
science station began emitting a quick series of buzzes, stopping 
Scotty in mid-stride and forcing him to turn his head in the direction 
of the young ensign assigned to duty there. She was flipping switches 
and turning dials to confirm her reading, a confused look of annoyance 
and anxiety contorting her pretty young face. 

"Is there something wrong with the computer, lass?" Scotty asked, trying
to encourage a report out of the timid young crewman. 

"Negative, Mr. Scott, I'm getting a strange energy fluctuation off the
ship's port side. It seems to be growing stronger, but I can't compute 
at what rate or if it's Enterprise giving off the radiation." She 
pushed away from the station, allowing Scotty to move in and take over. 

"Nay, lass, that's what we call a ship who doesn't want us to see her.
The energy waves match the pattern of a cloaking device, like those 
used by the Romulans and the Klingons. Bloody hell," He backed away 
from the station and stared at the forward viewscreen, "Get those 
coordinates onto the screen, please." 

The screen flickered from one set of stars surrounding the planet Gamma
Hydra V to a completely new set, with the planet barely visible in the 
lower portion of the view. There was nothing to be seen in the new 
picture, but Scotty was convinced that if the cloaked ship moved too 
much, he'd see a translucent wave of energy somewhere. 

"Go to yellow alert, and raise shields. I don't know of any friendly
races that own a cloak, but we're not jumpin' the gun either, by God. 
Uhura, can you reach the Captain?" 

"Negative, Mr. Scott, still unable to establish contact with the landing
party." She frowned and went back to trying. 

"Should we try to run the wessel out of hiding, Mr. Scott?" Chekov

"Nay, laddie, we'll let her sit there and play nice as long as she
wants. If the time comes, we'll give her something to choke on. Ensign 
Murphy, you keep an eye on those energy patterns and let me know if 
anything changes." Scotty slowly eased back into his command chair, 
staring passionately at the viewscreen. 

* * * 

"Where's Jim?" McCoy shouted, grabbing Spock by the arm as he caught up
with the others. 

"I believe the Captain has been neutralized, Doctor." Spock responded,
slightly out of breath. 

"Neutralized?" Davis echoed, just before McCoy could get the same word
out of his own mouth. 

"Yes, Ensign, neutralized by enemy disruptors. He is alive, but there is
no chance of our going back to rescue him at the present time. My 
tricorder indicates that--" 

"The hell we're not going back after him!" McCoy interrupted, spitting
the phrase at Spock like a mouthful of boiling soup. He jerked past the 
other two in an effort to head back down the path they had run from, 
but was forcefully pulled back by Spock's own hand. 

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