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Star Trek: The Original Series [Enemy Unseen] (standard:Fan Fiction, 2141 words) [1/2] show all parts
Author: Captain KirkUpdated: Aug 20 2002Views/Reads: 2449/1526Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
In this episode, the Enterprise responds to a distress call sent by a mining colony on Gamma Hydra V. Having been attacked and raided, the colony is besieged by an invisible army that uses the jungle to conceal itself...until now!

Star Trek: The Original Series "Enemy Unseen" 

Again, I must proclaim that I don't work for Paramount, Inc. or Star
Trek, or any other franchise. If they knew I was writing stories like 
this, they'd either want to hire me or vaporize me, and I don't intend 
to find out. Hope you enjoy the story. 

"Captain's Log: Stardate 0923.4. The Enterprise is currently on a
routine mission to Gamma Hydra V, a planet devoid of major 
industrialized civilizations and the turmoil and chaos that generally 
accompanies them. In fact, there are only two major concentrations of 
life on the entire jungle planet, both of which are mining colonies 
that the Federation has bartered with for years. A primary source of 
dilithium crystals for more than a dozen races, Gamma Hydra V lies 
partially in an area of space that has yet to be charted in great 
detail. The Enterprise is responding to an all-channel distress signal 
sent out by the chief of the southernmost mining colony, who claims 
that his camp has been subject to several recent attacks by a race of 
unknown origin, and that the intruders are stripping his mines of all 
natural minerals on a nightly basis. Since the miners make use of very 
few high-technology tools outside of their drills and communication 
systems, they seem unprepared to fend off the intruders." 

Captain James Kirk stood in front of his command chair, his right arm
poised vertically against his horizontal left arm, fist under his chin 
in the thinker's pose. He stared past his navigator, Ensign Pavel 
Chekov, and his helmsman, Ensign Hikaru Sulu, at the forward viewscreen 
as brilliant, multicolored stars streaked past his ship at Warp 6. He 
turned slowly to his first officer. 

"Mr. Spock, estimated time of arrival, Gamma Hydra V?" He watched the
Vulcan punch a few buttons at his science station, then flip a white 
switch and read the sensor readout. 

"Captain, I estimate that we will arrive within visual range of Gamma
Hydra V in three minutes, and transporter range in six minutes, 
respectively." Spock eyed his captain momentarily, and then returned to 
his sensor readings. 

"Uhura," Kirk turned to his communications officer, "Open a channel to
the southern colony, Nexus Iota." He nodded, as if to accentuate his 
order, then returned to his command chair and straightened his yellow 
command jacket. 

"Captain, I have the colony chief on the main viewscreen." Uhura flipped
a few switches and turned to the forward viewscreen, as if to make 
certain her feed was actually registering at its destination. 

The display of stars that were previously streaking by suddenly switched
to the inside of a metallic room that resembled a utility shed, in the 
middle of which was standing a tall, slender being with an exaggerated 
head and long, wiry arms. The alien's skin was also very metallic-like, 
a silver tone that refracted light the way a drop of rainwater could. 
This gave the being's skin a similar effect to that of a prism, 
spinning many vivid colors off of it so that it was not unlike a 
hologram. The creature's clothing consisted of a green tunic with an 
orange emblem on the right breast, the meaning of which Kirk was 
unsure. Its head was large and ovular, with two great dark eyes and a 
large, full mouth. 

"This is Captain James Kirk of the U.S.S. Enterprise, United Federation
of Planets. We received your distress call, and are responding to 
assist you by any means necessary to restore peace to your mining 
colony." Kirk stood and took two steps toward the viewscreen, deeply 
intrigued by the being's elegant and calming demeanor. 

"Captain James Kirk, we appreciate your quick response to our plea. I am
Qui Kiktok Amanaris Detak, chief of the mining colony Nexus Iota. We 
have recently been terrorized by an alien force unknown to our people, 
and are suffering the loss of mining minerals that are pertinent to the 
survival of our people." 

"I see. Well, if it's alright with your people, I'll transport down to
the surface with some of my crew and begin a formal investigation on 
your behalf." Kirk glanced over his shoulder at Spock, who quickly shot 

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