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A True Love Story (standard:romance, 1329 words) [1/2] show all parts
Author: Lowell GuerraUpdated: Nov 02 2000Views/Reads: 3057/1660Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
do u think Romeo & Juliet is "true love?" then please read this, and this story might show you otherwise. This story is about an ugly guy (not because he did somethign wrong like in beauty & the beast), but he was just born that way, a

"A True Love Story" 

By Lowell Guerra 

::this story is dedicated to my family, and the teachers who wanted me
to write stories with no violence, they said I had the ability to write 
a story with no violence, before I didn't believe them, but now I know 
I can. I thought that all stories had to have violence in them, and I 
thought the violence made the stories, stories, but I was wrong, you 
don't NEED violence in stories, ALTHOUGH IT DOES HELP :) :: 


Alfred was a guy who wasn't good-looking at all. Because of that, he
never had a girlfriend and no one ever liked him. He didn't even have 
any friends that were girls. He had seen Romeo & Juliet and how Romeo 
was a victim of love at first sight. He had seen tons of tv shows of 
how a guy and a girl fell in love after being close friends for so 
long, and knowing all his guy friends, when Alfred turned 11 and his 
friends were 12, every single one of them since they were three or at 
least six has had a friend thats a girl and went out with her. But 
Alfred knew nothing special would happen like that for him because he 
never had a friend that was a girl, and he's already 11. He knew his 
life was not normal, and it was weird. After he had turned 12, he 
started to meet more people and finally got more friends that were 
girls. He met this one particular girl that was REALLY fine, and Alfred 
thought he was a victim of love at first sight. He didn't really meet 
her, he just saw her in his class. He stared at her all the time, 
hoping she'd show the love she had for him like Alfred loved her (or so 
he thought). But she didn't care about him a bit. Alfred was a little 
tiny bit shy because the way he looks, but he was sure of himself 
because of the movie Romeo & Juliet. So after about two weeks, he 
decided to ask the girl out. From all the media he has seen, he was 
very optimistic, although he didn't even know the girls name yet. 
Alfred walked up to the beautiful girl with a smile, (he had a smile 
just as ugly as his face, but he didn't realize even his smile was ugly 

"Will you go out with me?" he asked. He assumed she'd definetly say yes
because Juliet had said yes. Alfred thought he was in love because she 
was the prettiest girl he had ever seen and her beautiful looks 
occupied his mind a lot everyday. She checked him out, looked him up 
and down, then spoke. 

"Why would I wanna go out with your ugly ass?" 


Alfred was shocked and hurt as he felt tears easily flow down his
cheeks. He had heard people laugh at her cruel remark, and he heard 
people call him crybaby. He heard from everyone that men don't cry, and 
Alfred cried from little things, even if he got cut up a little, he'd 
probably cry. When he thought about it, he knew he was still a boy and 
not a man yet. He wondered why he still cried from little things only a 
baby would cry from, while it took a lot for other people his age to 
cry. He tried to hold back the tears from the girls reply, but he 
couldn't help it, as it kept running down his cheeks. He wiped the 
tears with his shirt only to feel more tears come from his eyes again. 

For days he had cried, wishing he was never born. He didn't want to be
so ugly, like what he was. He was a harmless little child. He never did 
any wrong, well not on purpose anyways, everyone has done something 
wrong even if it was an accident. Alfred wondered why God made him look 
the way he is. A few weeks later, he met a girl named April. They 
talked to each other a lot, and got each other stuff and laughed a lot 
together. Alfred felt really good when he was with her. He wondered 
what that feeling was. From the tv he watched, he thought she liked 
him, and not wanting to hurt her feelings, he decided he wanted to ask 
her out. He was thinking it would make her happy that he loved her. The 
next day, Alfred was with April and Alfred thought that moment was the 
right time to ask her out. Alfred gently took April's hand and looked 
deep in her eyes. "April..." he began. 

"Yes?"April said implying for him to go on. 

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