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A True Love Story: the second part (standard:romance, 720 words) [2/2] show all parts
Author: Lowell GuerraAdded: Nov 02 2000Views/Reads: 2002/0Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
a continuation to "A True Love Story."

A True Love Story; the second part 

by Lowell Guerra 

Alfred felt his heart beat rapidly as a smile appeared on his face
uncontrollably. He knew IMMEDIATELY what that was. It was true love, he 
wanted to tell her those special three words. He just made frriends 
with her, he didn't want to lose her like he did with April. He decided 
to wait for the right time. Four times a week he'd have a dream about 
her. One week he had two dreams about her in a row. The next day, he 
hoped for another dream so it would be three in a row, 3 in a row. And 
he got that third dream in a row. 

One day in class he was looking down and didn't see the small roof over
him and he bumped his head onto it HARD. Then he rubbed his head. 
Suddenly a smile formed on his face. I'm not a crybaby no more! Alfred 

He loved being with Sharla. They laughed together just like him and
April did. They talked for whiles. For days he heard about how all 
these guys were soo fine, but Alfred hated them. It wasn't because he 
didn't look good like them, it was because they were so mean, conceited 
and arrogant. But if that's what Alfred had to do to get in Sharla's 
heart then that's what he had to do. So the next day, he made fun of 
lots of people and stopped asking, "what's wrong?" and those sensitive 
questions he picked up from being ugly. From his new attitude a lot 
more people liked him, he was kinda funny when he made fun of people. 
But later on in the year, he thought to himself and thought about how 
he made people feel. He didn't think first about how other people felt. 
Suddenly he didn't like himself. He didn't want to be hurting other 
people. He knew he had a better life, but the hate he had towards 
himself was too much, so he changed. He changed back to the nice guy he 
once was. Then everyone hated him again. Another week past and Alfred 
thought it was the right time to ask Sharla out. He went up to her, but 
suddenly he felt real nervous and just couldn't do it. "She doesn't 
want you. She doesn't want you now. Sharla doesn't want someone 
everyone hates." a voice inside Alfred's head told him. Alfred told 
himself that that was a true statement. 

Alfred got home and laid on his bed looking at the ceiling. "Sharla
doesn't want me." he said as he cried. "Damn I'm crying. I guess I'm 
not a man after all. I'm not a man. I'm still a boy. Men dont' cry." 

At school the next day, someone just wanted to tell a lie and just see
what Alfred would do. "Sharla moved," someone named Tupac told him. I'm 
not gonna see her again. I'll find her.. no there's so many places 
where she can be and I'm not gonna find her. Alfred thought to himself. 
Sharla was absent that day. Maybe she'll be back.. no.. none of the 
girls i like ever come back after leaving. That usually only happens in 

Alfred became real sad and cried that whole day. He was in the kitchen
watching tv and every channel was about someone falling in love. The 
pain hurt too much for Alfred to bare. He took a butcher knife from the 
kitchen, raised it up to his heart and stabbed it. It hurt too much to 
stab himself again what was which what he would of done. He didn't 
wanna live without being able to see Sharla. He died with a knife in 
his heart with blood spread all over the kitchen, face down. While he 
was dieing, he took his finger and spelled "Sharla" in blood on the 
floor right before he died. 

You see, Alfred was in love with Sharla. He was in love with the person
she was. He had realized that when he thought he was a victim of "love 
at first sight," he wasn't actually in  love with her,  but he realized 
he was in love with the way that she looks. 

The End 

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