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A True Love Story (standard:romance, 1329 words) [1/2] show all parts
Author: Lowell GuerraUpdated: Nov 02 2000Views/Reads: 3018/1634Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
do u think Romeo & Juliet is "true love?" then please read this, and this story might show you otherwise. This story is about an ugly guy (not because he did somethign wrong like in beauty & the beast), but he was just born that way, a

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"We've been together a lot..and...I was thinking.." Alfred was trying to
find the words to say. "Maybe we should be more than we already are." 
April got a confused look on her face. 

"What do ya mean?" April asked. 

"What I mean is.." he began. This was it. This was the right time. "Will
you go out with me?" April took her hand away from Alfred. She had a 
mad look on her face. 

"Get the fuck away from me! I don't wanna see you ever again." she
replied.  What happened? Alfred thought. Alfred tried to hold back the 
tears from his eyes again, but they were still too strong. Even more 
stronger with the other girl. He actually knew her, spent time with her 
and knew her name. Alfred didn't know why he cried, he didn't really 
"like her, like her," he just wanted to do her a favor. The feeling 
Alfred was feeling wasn't love like he had assumed. It was a best 
friend, kinda like part of the family. He never had a best friend, with 
the limit of friends he had. He wished he could take back what he said 
and forget it ever happened. But he knew he couldn't, no matter how 
much he wanted to. 


For months he was lonely. He was all alone, he didn't have April to be
with anymore. How could he be so stupid? How could he think that it was 
love? Well he shouldn't ask himself those questions too much, because 
it won't matter. It's done and can't be changed. He let a tear drop 
down his right cheek from the loneliness he felt. 

Alfred was now 13. He saw this one girl in his class who was real
pretty. But noticed she had the look of a conceited girl. So he figured 
she was conceited. In PE class he saw her with her friend. Her friend 
told her it hurt her when she did something to her. 

"Then don't be my friend," she said. Oh my gosh! Thought Alfred. She is
SO conceited! He tried not to let the beautiful looks of her make him 
think she was a good person. A week later they watched a movie in their 
class and a guy that has been good to the main character had died. 
Alfred thought that was really sad that someone who was so good had to 
die like that. 

"Aw that's so sad!" said the girl Alfred said was conceited. Wow, she
has feelings. Alfred said in his mind. She really has feelings, she 
really cares about people. That's when Alfred fell in love. 

The next day when they had to be in the same group, he asked her name. 

"Sharla. Hi, what's your name?" she asked him as she stuck her hand out
to him to shake his hand. Alfred's eyes widened with amazement. He 
didn't expect her to be so nice. Especially the first time he saw her. 
No one offered to shake his hand. He smiled as he accepted the offer 
and shook her hand. 

"Hi, I'm Alfred." he said. 

to be continued... 

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