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My UFO Story (standard:humor, 426 words)
Author: kendall thomasAdded: Dec 09 2002Views/Reads: 3211/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
See title.


By Twisted Wabbit 


~People don't believe me when I tell them I've had an ‘encounter of the
third kind'.  That's when you have an actual run-in with aliens from 
another world. 

Well, I did, but you won't believe me anymore than the others I've told
my story to, but I'm use to the squirrelly looks I get; so I don't mind 
going through it all over again.  Laugh, if you must, but ‘they' are 
here among us.~ 

Several years ago, I was on my way to California via the southern route.
 Around noon, while I was passing through New Mexico on a deserted 
stretch, I saw a silvery object zooming down out of the sky a thousand 
yards or so off the highway. 

Thinking it was a small aircraft in trouble, I pulled my car off to the
side and hurried on foot, as fast as I could, to the spot hidden behind 
a stand of mesquite bushes. 

Well, imagine my shock when I saw what people call a flying saucer. 
After a moment a panel slid open in the side of the craft.  I was 
expecting little, gray guys with big heads and large eyes, but what 
stepped out was a man with a long mop of hair and a beard, wearing a 
tie-dyed T-shirt, bell-bottom pants and sandals on his feet. 

He had a Bud in one hand and was scratching his head with the other. 
“Bummer, dude,” he said, seeing me huddled by a tall mesquite.  “Ran 
outta gas.” 

“Leaded or unleaded,” I muttered numbly. 


While we were walking back to my car to get my spare 2 gallon can, he
told me his story while puffing on a joint.  He was an interplanetary 
time traveler who had been tooling around in our 60's and was now 
returning to another dimension many centuries ahead. 

“My ship burns charcoal, gas, kerosene, old rags -- just about anything,

He offered me a toke. 

“When my photon generator crapped out at a Hendrix concert, I reworked
an old 3 horsepower Murray lawnmower engine so that it converts 
centrifugal force into linear propulsion; I'm gettin' about 28,000 
pounds of thrust per horsy.  It's awesome, dude; I'll still be spinning 
rubber long after breaking the light barrier.” 

~Ah, well, there you have it:  my UFO story.  You know how people who
claim to have seen aliens never seem to have photos?  Well, I have 
plenty, except they look like pictures of two stoned dudes standing 
next to a large, round water tank.~ 


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