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Deja Vu (standard:humor, 690 words)
Author: NightfyreAdded: Mar 05 2003Views/Reads: 2738/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Pitiful girl tries desperate measures for a date to the dance.

DEJA VU written as Anthony Nyt to salvage some self dignity 

This is a story with a moral. I have to go to February, junior year,
because it deals with Turnabout. It is about fools and tricks, and how 
one can fall for the other. 

That evening was, simply put, a disaster. Dinner was fine, but that's
about all that went right. First she wears a loose skirt and does a 
cartwheel in the middle of the dance floor. I'll let you use your 
imagination on that one. 

But this part takes the cake. A lock in, another guy (take careful note
to this one) and a make-out session (the reason you took careful notes 
on that last one). Put it all together and what you have is a really 
bad time to be me. 

So she tries to make up with me and, like the fool I am sometimes, I
take her back. Well, everyone is allowed one really bad mistake in 
life, right? But why did I use mine up at seventeen? 

Here is where our story begins. It's January, senior year. The day just
ended five minutes ago and I'm shooting the breeze with my friends at 
the locker. Who comes up to me but Cara, last year's Turnabout date 
from hell. 

“Tony! Just the person I wanted to see,” she said with that ever present
smile. Once Dave and Ken saw her, they bolted out of there. 

“Later, Tony. We are out of here,” Ken said as he and Dave march away. 

“See ya,” I responded. Of course in my head I'm thinking Thanks, guys.
Leave your buddy all alone with...with...her! Oh well, I thought. Just 
be nice and maybe she'll leave soon. “Hello, Cara. How has life been 
treating you?” I asked with such a superficial smile it could have won 
me an Oscar. 

“Just peachy. Listen, how would you like to go to Turnabout with me
again?” I simply burst out in hysteria when I heard that. This...I 
can't even think of the words...was asking me to go out with her again? 
Not only that, but she had the conceit to ask me as if expecting me to 
say yes! Can you believe that? 

“Slip into your nighties, my friend, because you're dreaming.” Not quite
as strong as I wanted, but she kept feeding me the chances to tell her 
how I felt. 

“What? You don't want to go with me?” 

“We have a winner!” I said, pretending to be astonished. “Come on, Cara.
Why in my own right mind would I want to go out with you after last 
year's dance?” 

“Because I'm funny?” I shook my head no. “Smart?” Another shake of the
head. “Attractive?” I couldn't help but laugh at that one. This was a 
girl with enough metal in her mouth to come up on radar. She had also 
been known to blow her nose with so much force the hurricane center 
named it. Yes, sir. Just the kind of girl I want to spend an evening 

Then, out of the blue, she changes her tactics. “Please, Tony. I'll give
you anything you want.” Bribery. I began to wonder: just how low was 
this girl willing to go? “A hundred dollars.” 

“Good luck.” 

“I'll do your calculus homework for the year.” 

“May I remind you you're getting a 30% in calculus? Forget it, Cara.
Goodbye.” I began to walk away, but two seconds later came the big 

“An unlimited season pass to Paintball.” I froze like an ice cube. Why
did she have to go there? But I figured if she was willing to offer 
that, I might as well get everything I can. 

“Unlimited ammo?” She agreed. “New cammies?” Two for two. “Handless
radios?” Just call me the master of negotiation. I thought about it, 
then shook my head. “Sorry. Still won't do it.” 

She knew it was hopeless and ran away crying. To this day I wonder if
she really would have given me the pass, but I guess I'll never know. 
There is only one thing worth thinking about: Why didn't I say no 


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