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Shake The Disease Pt. V: Something Wicked This Way Comes (standard:fantasy, 283 words) [5/11] show all parts
Author: JenkisAdded: Nov 21 2000Views/Reads: 1908/8Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Sioux's Wedding Day. *Feedback Appreciated*

Sioux awoke the morning of her Wedding Day after having had a strange
dream with Drakon. In this dream he’d been different somehow; older, 
more embittered perhaps. She and he had been in the Forest where they’d 
first made love and he had been wearing beautifully tailored clothes of 
colors she had never imagined. She’d been standing across from him, 
clad in black with her hair falling all around her and her eyes covered 
by dark lenses. He’d sitting on the ground, his head buried in his 
hands. “Drakon!” she’d said, “Drakon, why are you crying?” she had been 
confused. “Because, my Sioux,” he’d mused, “Because you have found 
Another and I reflect your Soul no longer,” he’d said sadly “But Drakon 
you left me!” she’d tried to explain “I couldn’t help it, Love,” he’d 
looked up and had been smiling, “After all, what you are is in your 
Blood,” then he’d laughed, his mouth in the inside was full of blood. 

Now her door opened slowly and her Mother stepped in “Mother, I will get
dressed shortly. The Ceremony isn’t for two hours, no?” she quickly sat 
up. The entire block had been invited and were expected to attend. A 
Wedding Ceremony was very special nowadays and strongly encouraged, 
since the Human Race needed not be extinguished. Her Mother seemed 
somehow somber. “Mother what is it?” she was preoccupied “Oh, Sioux . . 
.” her Mother sighed and sat on the bed “Mother, you must tell me,” 
said Sioux. So her Mother did. 

Sioux had awakened the morning of her Wedding Day to find out her
Bethrothed, her lover, her groom-to-be (her Elrych) had been killed by 
a *Vampyre* the night before. 


This is part 5 of a total of 11 parts.
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